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Underground Film Links: June 19, 2011

Winston Moxam
  1. This week’s Must Read: While I’m not familiar with the films of Winnipeg director Winston Moxam, he sadly passed away very young back in April. Cineflyer has a round-up of articles and reviews about Moxam’s last feature film, Billy, which just opened in the filmmaker’s hometown. Plus, Randall King of the Winnipeg Free Press gave the film a glowing review.
  2. Battle for Brooklyn opened in NYC this week, so the New York Times published a semi-positive review by Neil Genzlinger. On the one hand Neil had some good things to say and the paper made the film a Critics Pick for the week, but way too brief reviews of very powerful movies like this always make me sad.
  3. Australia’s Beat magazine profiled Richard Wolstencroft about his latest venture, the just ended genre film festival Bloodfest Fantastique.
  4. Filmmaker Nathan Wrann has started a new Tumblr blog with the awesome name of Wranndom. Go bookmark, subscribe, or whatever it is you kids need to do to keep up with it.
  5. Electric Sheep has a long, great interview with cult director Jan Svankmajer.
  6. Rhizome premiered media artist Ryan Trecartin’s new work, Ready (Re’Search Wait’s), early in the week.
  7. Glenn Kenny reviewed a butt-load of new Blu-ray discs, which I am linking to because he included Alejandro Jodorowsky’s El Topo in the batch, if you want to skim through the batch to find it.
  8. Get these mother-effin’ snakes out of my mother-effin studio!” Chris Hansen was heard to shout on set of An Affair. (Well, sort of, but not really. And he should have.)
  9. IndieWIRE interviews filmmaker Alex Ross Perry, another big proponent of working in a video store to get filmmaking experience.
  10. I didn’t hate Super 8 as much as the Phantom of Pulp, but all his points are well taken and, to me, unarguable.
  11. Sounds like Bob Moricz had a great screening when his Felony Flats opened the Portland Underground Film Festival. Makes me wish I had been there!
  12. And speaking of PUFF, the film The Roomies caught a lucky break, got a late acceptance into the fest and also had a great screening.
  13. Holy crap, it’s Glitter Cat!
  14. G. Roger Denson takes a look at the controversial life and career of Jack Smith, in light of a new exhibition of his work.
  15. Plus, An Arts Angle takes a look at the same Jack Smith exhibition.
  16. Jonas Mekas recommends the work of Luke Snellin, which is a pretty good career endorsement.
  17. Landscape Suicide has some bucolic images from Patrick Keiller’s Robinson in Ruins, then includes a quote by the filmmaker about the violence associated with these images.
  18. Rodney Perkins is reprinting all of his film reviews that he did for Twitch on his own site, Aphanisis. I’m just linking to the dead-on one he wrote about American Grindhouse, but go read several of them.
  19. Not underground: The Comics Reporter lays down a fine argument that Annie is the most successful comics-to-film adaptation of all time.

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