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Underground Film Links: June 17, 2012

By Mike Everleth ⋅ June 17, 2012

Brent Green's To Many Men Strange Fates Are Given TV sculpture
  1. This week’s Must Read comes from donna k., whom I link to a lot every week. But her description this time about how Brent Green’s sculpture To Many Men Strange Fates Are Given was created is unbelievably fascinating. After reading this, you’ll have a new appreciation on how your LCD monitors work — and how visionary Green is.
  2. Curator and filmmaker Brenda Contreras has launched a new blog that you need to check out. Her first big post about seeing some experimental filmmakers — Bruce McClure, Marie Losier and Ricardo Nicolayevsky — is a great read already.
  3. Preservationist Mark Toscano writes about preserving Lous Hock’s 1975 film Studies in Chronovision.
  4. At the Filmmaker website, Eddie Mullins gives a great review to a new DVD box set of Robert Downey Sr.’s early films called Up All Night With Robert Downey Sr. and includes Babo 73, Chafed Elbows and more.
  5. Superstar indie film reviewer J.J. Murphy tackles Yong Kim’s third film For Ellen starring Paul Dano, calling it “painful and engaging.”
  6. Is the 1966 Czechoslovakian movie Daises by Vera Chytilov√° a “weird movie”? Maybe it’s one of the weirdest!
  7. May 26 in Portland, Oregon is now officially Bill Plympton Day!
  8. Bobby Putka wonders where the helpful crews are in Los Angeles — and I tell him.
  9. Filmmaker Salise Hughes shares some of her recent “erasure drawings,” including a nice one of Dirty Harry.