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Underground Film Links: July 8, 2012

By Mike Everleth ⋅ July 8, 2012

Break Loose movie poster
  1. This Week’s absolute Must Read proves exactly why you should never absolutely trust what you read on IMDB. You may think it’s a 100% accurate website, but you’d be wrong. How wrong? The Temple of Schlock runs down the data on a bevy of ’70s exploitation films that are mis-dated, mis-credited and mis-titled. Posts like this prove how invaluable a research website the Temple is. Invaluable, I tell you! Plus, they have the ad mat for ’72’s Outside In, another incorrectly credited film.
  2. The Village Voice wrote up a very lengthy profile of NYC icon Lloyd Kaufman. About freakin’ time they did!
  3. Plus, 366 Weird Movies has the full rundown of Troma movies on YouTube. And, is Meshes of the Afternoon a “weird” movie?
  4. Salise Hughes releases an original digital drawing based on her upcoming Charades project that is really, really cool looking.
  5. Aryan Kaganof posted up a scan of a new article in the Sunday Independent about his new film Interactions: A Strategy of Difference and Repetition, a “non-commercial” in-joke about the insider-y-ness of the arts community.
  6. Is John Waters worth $38 million dollars? Some website claims to think so, but Robert Maier gives ’em the stink eye.
  7. If you ever wondered what Aaron Valdez’s process towards his editing work is, he illustrates it visually.
  8. We all know Waylon Bacon as a terrifically gifted filmmaker — well, you SHOULD know that by now! — but the zine Beatdom raves about his equally groovy, disturbing artwork.
  9. Rhizome has a great look at the cruddy quality of the VHS image.
  10. I don’t read French, but I think Jonas Mekas got an impressive award from that country.

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