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Underground Film Links: July 4, 2010

By Mike Everleth ⋅ July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July to all of the Underground Film Journal’s U.S. readers! Celebrate Independence Day by reading all about great independent cinema. Loads of reviews and other surprises in the underground film link list this week:

  1. It seems film festival notices have been going out: Kill Your Television, Hooka Face and the Virgin Boy and Wheels of Death all have been accepted into the Atlanta Underground Film Festival. And Hanging at Picnic Rock has been appropriately selected for the Melbourne Underground Film Festival.
  2. If you want a print of the 2010 Chicago Underground Film Festival poster, then indiePulse has the details.
  3. Art:21 has an absolutely fascinating history of an early “forgotten” film pioneer, Alice Guy-Blaché, the Head of Production of Gaumont from 1896 to 1906.
  4. Rhizome has video and images from Harun Farocki’s Deep Play installation, which is an artistic interpretation of the 2006 FIFA World Cup.
  5. j. j. murphy reviews the documentary Notes on Marie Menken and ends up writing a paean to the hugely influential yet largely unknown filmmaker.
  6. Who’s the greatest person ever? If you said anyone OTHER than Brendan Canty of Fugazi, you’d be wrong.
  7. Fans — well, this fan anyway — have been bemoaning the disappearance of the Phantom of Pulp. Where’s he been? Making a film! Where else? Check out images from the upcoming The Cloth Dagger, starring Kristen Condon and Jim Van Bebber. Plus, he smacks down The Enchanted Cottage. Take that beautiful people!
  8. DINCA reviews the documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop, which I believe is the first knock against the film I’ve read so far. Plus, an interview with Rosa Menkman, the Dutch filmmaker and artist.
  9. Cine-File has a long interview with filmmaker Laurel Nakadate, whose Stay the Same Never Change has just won the Best Narrative Feature award at the 2010 Chicago Underground Film Festival.
  10. Making Light of It has some gorgeous stills from Leighton Pierce’s 50 Feet of String.
  11. Yep, it’s another It Came From Kuchar review, this time from Edge, New York, New York’s Joseph Pisano.
  12. In other Kuchar news, on Art Forum, Travis Jeppesen looks at George Kuchar’s weather diaries for a retrospective in Berlin.
  13. Bob Moricz reviews Harrod Blank’s documentary Automorphosis, which has “soul and a style that meaningfully suits the subject matter.”
  14. Sort of a review: Brent Green gets a touching fan letter after a screening of his Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then at Rooftop Films.
  15. On Rhizome, Nathaniel Stern reviews the new book Rethinking Curating: Art after New Media by Sarah Cook and Beryl Graham and says it’s “Humorous and surprising, smart and provocative.”
  16. Bill Plympton has more stories and pictures from the Annecy animation festival in France.
  17. Many congratulations to film fan Gregory Hess who won Facets Features recent writing competition. Hess will become one of their regular bloggers now.
  18. Andrea Grover is leaving Houston and the Aurora Picture Show behind, but she’s leaving her own personal guided tour.
  19. Not underground, but plays into my “underground film loop” meme: The popular design blog Smashing Magazine put up an article entitled “Making Your Mark On The Web Is Easier Than You Think,” which should give filmmakers and film bloggers stuff to think about.