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Underground Film Links: July 31, 2011

By Mike Everleth ⋅ July 31, 2011

Profile pic of John Tartaglia
  1. This week’s Must Look At is way not underground, but this cool site came my way this week: It’s a blog devoted to John Tartaglia, the “cement artist” who casted the footprints and handprints of numerous Hollywood stars outside of the famous Mann’s Chinese Theater between 1953 and 1987. This list contains all the stars for whom Tartaglia served as Masonry master. Interesting stuff.
  2. Is Netflix trying to kill the DVD? Filmmaker Mag investigates. By the way: Filmmakers offering films for the Underground Film Journal to review via a password-protected Vimeo page is steadily increasing.
  3. Light Industry’s Thomas Beard was interviewed by Art in America for his recent “The Unfinished Film” exhibit.
  4. The Chicago Arts Archive interviewed filmmaker Amir George about his recent short feature film The Mind of Delilah.
  5. For FilmInk, Jason Reed reviews some of the highlights of this year’s Revelation Perth International Film Festival, particularly singling out Zach Clark’s Vacation! as “one of the most pleasant surprises of the festival.” Go Zach!
  6. Milos Stehlik, the Executive Director of Facets Multi-Media, wrote a guest editorial for the Chicago Tribune entitled “It’s the film that matters, not the convenience.” Damn straight.
  7. Here’s a bizarre story: Nina Paley’s Sita Sings the Blues, the acclaimed animated indie film hit from a few years ago, was recently banned from screening in Queens, New York thanks to irate religious Hindus who don’t appreciate the portrayal of their beliefs in the film.
  8. Jack Sargeant offers up lots and lots of notes on author J.G. Ballard, which may lead into a more fleshed out literary piece someday.
  9. The Progress-Leader newspaper in Australia profiled local actress Kelsie McDonald after winning the Best Actress award at Bloodfest Fantastique for her scream queen role in Chris Sun’s Come and Get Me.
  10. Fangoria conducted an in-depth interview with one of the Underground Film Journal’s favorite filmmakers: The badass Waylon Bacon.
  11. The Electric Sheep team has a lengthy write-up of this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival, which had some bumpy parts.
  12. Michael Varrati’s latest cult filmmaker you should know: Bruce LaBruce.
  13. Rhizome considers whether or not Ryan Trecartin is indeed a video “artist” or if the importance he places on language in his work makes him a poet. Plus, a quick look at Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s science fiction TV movie World on a Wire.
  14. A zombie extra discusses his appearance in a short film continuation of Yoshihiro Nishimura’s Helldriver, which will appear on that movie’s upcoming DVD release.
  15. Filmmaker James Fotopoulos has written a lengthy and fascinating analysis of the movie Tron.
  16. Yeah, you’ve always wanted to know: What exactly does a script supervisor do?
  17. Bill Plympton and Patrick Smith are planning an one-night animation fest of all hand-drawn animated films. Do they still make those?
  18. Candlelight Stories suggests you watch a documentary of Jean Luc Godard making his Rolling Stones doc One Plus One.
  19. Donna k. begs Bela Tarr to make more films.

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