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Underground Film Links: July 28, 2013

By Mike Everleth ⋅ July 28, 2013

Jacket with Lucifer written on it
  1. This week’s Must Read is a first-person account by Kenneth Anger about the making of his classic troubled production Lucifer Rising. He gets into his personal relationships with Charles Manson cohort Bobby Beausoleil and star Marianne Faithful. Fascinating, fascinating reading.
  2. This week’s Must Listen is the radio program The Film Show on KBOO community radio in which host Jenn Chavez chats with Journal good friend Bob Moricz about the upcoming blowout Portland Underground Film Festival. But, they also talk about underground films in general and Moricz’s unique thoughts on our little subculture. Lots of good thoughts on the subject.
  3. Nathaniel Dorsky announces that his latest films, Song and Spring, will be debuting later in the year. Read about ’em and look at some very pretty film stills.
  4. I AM FILM, not steel, O user, have mercy.” And so beginith the Film Prayer. (Courtesy of Cineflyer.)
  5. Mike White notices that the outrage over Lianne MacDougall’s career of plagiarism has been tamped down. But, more importantly, White also takes a moment to reflect on the whole notion of how Internet “celebrity” trumps talent all the time. It’s sickening, but that’s life.
  6. Are QR codes the next big means of film distribution? SnuffBox Films investigates.
  7. Jay Hollinsworth comes up with a list of cinema’s best mockumentaries. I have no major quibbles with it, but my own list would probably be a little different.
  8. Video: Jonas Mekas has sushi with Agnes Varda.
  9. Remember the good ol’ days when a movie could have two or three different titles during its release?
  10. Not film, but: Bacon does Bukowski. (For the record, I pass by that liquor store nearly every day on my way to work.)