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Underground Film Links: July 25, 2010

By Mike Everleth ⋅ July 25, 2010

Sort of a truncated link list this week. That’s because a) well, that’s just all the links I could find; and b) I had to compile this a few days early since I went to Comic Con on Saturday. Still much to enjoy, though:

  1. Jeff Krulik is the world’s greatest documentary filmmaker and slowly but surely the world is starting to catch up. The Washington City Paper has a wonderful profile/interview with Krulik about his latest project, Heavy Metal Picnic. Plus, read about his recent screening adventures in Texas, where he and Chuck Statler were guests of the Alamo Draft House.
  2. Engadget reports that the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens is getting a $67 million makeover, but even more exciting is that in the new facility they will screen a specially commissioned animated video by Martha Colburn called Dolls vs. Dictators based on her photos of the museum’s large doll collection.
  3. ALERT: There will be a public meeting on July 28 in Brighton, England about what to do with the archives of ailing experimental filmmaker Jeff Keen. If you’re in the area: GO!
  4. If you haven’t heard yet, Joshua Grannell and his alter ego Peaches Christ are currently touring the nation with his new horror spoof All About Evil. If you want to see what you missed in Seattle, including drag queens galore, check out lots of pictures on Peaches’ site.
  5. The Washington Post takes a look at Andy Warhol’s notorious Empire, part of the Anthology Film Archives new Boring Masterpieces screening series.
  6. Apparently, you can find inspiration anywhere to make amazing underground films — even outhouses!
  7. Landscape Suicide literally proves that a bird in the hand is worth two or more in the bush with gorgeous stills from Cântico das criaturas by Miguel Gomes.
  8. Stills from Day 6 from John R. Hand’s The Synthetic Man.
  9. I’m not posting this link by J. J. Murphy just cuz he says nice things about the Underground Film Journal (Thanks J. J.!), but because the Journal of Screenwriting has awesome things to say about his awesome book Me and You and Memento and Fargo.
  10. Patrick Smith alerts everybody for an interesting sounding book: Animators Unearthed by Chris Robinson, about underground animators like Smith, Don Hertzfeldt, Run Wrake, John Canemaker and more. Plus, Smith  writes lovingly about his favorite sculptor Gustav Vigeland.

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