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Underground Film Links: July 22, 2012

By Mike Everleth ⋅ July 22, 2012

Julie Perrini wearing headphones in Girl Next Door
  1. This Week’s Must Read: Filmmaker Jesse Malmed has a wonderful in-depth article with fellow filmmaker Julie Perrini up at the art blog Bad At Sports. Yes, you’ll want to read all about Perrini’s work processes and her evolution as a filmmaker, but you’ll really be fascinated to hear why she had to — as the interview’s title says — explain what state smashers are to a grand jury.
  2. The Broward Palm Beach New Times ran a good interview with John Waters, not so much about his movies but about his general interests. Best part of the article: He says he loved J.J. Murphy’s recent book on the films of Andy Warhol, The Black Hole of the Camera. Just like us! Seriously, if you haven’t read that book yet, you’re really missing out on something wonderful.
  3. Name that Fleshapoid! (Ok, I know technically that’s not a Fleshapoid, but still…)
  4. David Ehrenstein looks back at the controversies over Shirley Clarke’s frank depiction of drug users in 1962’s The Connection.
  5. If you love cruddy ’60s and ’70s exploitation pictures — and I’m sure you do — check out TCM Movie Morlocks’ semi-exhaustive look at Crown International Pictures, which distributed tons of it!
  6. Candlelight Stories wants you to watch a short documentary about nanny/photographer Vivian Maier.
  7. Donna k. reviews Sarah Polley’s Take This Waltz, describing it as “a screechy sunburst, water color meditation on what coupling, and its dissolution, is.”
  8. Hey, it’s The Yum-Yum Girls!
  9. Jesse Miksic has a lengthy write-up about the documentary Wisconsin Death Trip.
  10. Not underground, but I can’t go without mentioning it at least: The Colorado shooting at the Dark Knight Rises screening was truly a horrible, horrible tragedy. Roger Ebert’s thoughts on the incident are well worth reading.

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