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Underground Film Links: July 21, 2013

By Mike Everleth ⋅ July 21, 2013

Photo overview of Boston, Massachusetts

Sorry for the fairly short list this week. Been kind of a nutty week for me, so I haven’t been as on top of things.

  1. Here’s an awesome new project that I missed linking to last week: Boston Viewfinder, which helps people find off-beat screenings in the Boston area — and appears there’s a ton going on there. Every city needs a site like this.
  2. Jeff Krulik has been busy getting interviewed a lot lately. Here’s one conducted by the Maryland Moving Image Archive, which is nice to see this great filmmaker getting wonderful local recognition lately.
  3. Robert Maier reviews the documentary The Iran Job, which sheds some much needed light on progressive movements in that country. Maier rates it an absolute “Must See.”
  4. Making Light of It has an amazing photo from the first ever screening of Wavelength, featuring Ken Jacobs, Shirley Clarke, George Kuchar and several more folks I wish I could identify.
  5. Fandor has a wonderful, lengthy interview with Michal Kosakowski, director of the fabulous Zero Killed, that the Journal reviewed last year.
  6. Documentarian Jessica Oreck hangs with animator/artist Jo Dery.
  7. Larry Fessenden lists his favorite horror movies for Chiller TV. Some interesting surprises in there.
  8. Mike White recommends some of his best Projection Booth podcasts. I don’t listen to as many of those as I should, so I’m going to go through his list myself.
  9. Clint Enns at Coney Island. Plus, projector fun.

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