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Underground Film Links: July 15, 2012

By Mike Everleth ⋅ July 15, 2012

Filmmaker Stephen Dwoskin standing behind his camera

Brief batch this week, but some really great reads!

  1. This week’s Must Read is a sad one: The obituary for filmmaker and author Stephen Dwoskin that ran in the Guardian UK. He was born in NYC in 1948, began making films in the early ’60s whereupon he moved to England and helped co-found the London Film-makers’ Co-operative. He also wrote the influential book Film Is…, which was published in 1975, and made films pretty much up until the very end.
  2. Meant to put this up last week, but it’s still relevant: The blog We Love Perth interviewed Jack Sargeant about his job programming the Revelation Perth International Film Festival, which just wrapped up this year. Jack is one of those rare creatures who’s as great an interview subject as he is an actual interviewer himself.
  3. This link isn’t really about underground film, but I figure you’re a film lover if you’re reading this and this is absolutely vital information for you: That nice flat screen TV you have to watch your favorite movies at home on? Well, it sucks for displaying movies! The blog Prolost has crucial information on how to tweak your TV for the optimum home movie viewing experience. I’ve put this advice into practice and it works!
  4. Rhizome has an amazing piece on Stan Vanderbeek’s plans for a Movie-Drome world conquest that never quite materialized. Also, congrats to Heather Corcoran for being named Rhizome’s new Executive Director.
  5. Filmmaker Chris Hansen details his technical woes on how to output his latest feature film, Where We Started, onto DVD screeners. Contains helpful advice for other filmmakers!
  6. Donna k. checks out Some Like It Hot for the first time under some interesting viewing conditions.
  7. For Filmmaker, Nancy Savoca runs down the history of filmmaking “rebel visions,” of course including many underground film milestones.
  8. 366 Weird Movies considers the early films of Robert Downey Sr.

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