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Underground Film Links: July 10, 2011

By Mike Everleth ⋅ July 10, 2011

Moose newsletter cover for Winnipeg Film Group
  1. This week’s Must Read is actually a series of articles. Cineflyer is reprinting and transcribing articles from the first 2007 edition of The Moose, the newsletter of the Winnipeg Film Group. Here’s a scan of the cover. The issue included movie reviews by Darryl Nepinak and Mike Maryniuk’s top 10 WFG films. Plus, there’s filmmaking tips by Cecilia Araneda and Heidi Phillips. An article by King of the Internet, Jaimz Asmundson. Guy Maddin interviews his favorite filmmaker, Guy Maddin.
  2. Heavy Metal Parking Lot hits the big time with a profile in the Wall Street Journal, of all places!
  3. Did you know Chicago’s Facets had a Tumblr blog? We didn’t, but now we do. Go bookmark.
  4. Plus, on the Facets blog, Gregory Hess reviews Steven Soderbergh’s “lost” film Kafka, which is only available on VHS. That’s weird.
  5. Speaking of Chicago, the Tribune spotlights two homegrown indie films currently in production: A documentary on Nelson Algren by Michael Kaplan, and a “revenge thriller” called Chicago Rot by filmmaker Dorian Weinzimmer.
  6. Phil Solomon reminisces about the last 4th of July he spent with Stan Brakhage. (Phil also has an accompanying video that he doesn’t embed or allow others to.)
  7. Karina Longworth gives a nice review to Zach Clark’s Vacation!, which screened at L.A.’s Outfest this weekend.
  8. Cinemad has launched a new podcast series. Episode one features an interview with Nina Menkes.
  9. Making Light of It gives Peter Kubelka’s classic Unsere Afrikareise some love.
  10. Jack Sargeant posts up an unedited interview he conducted with Lars von Trier when the filmmaker was doing press for Antichrist. No Nazi sympathy confessions, but still a great interview.
  11. Horror auteur Tim Sullivan gets profiled by his local newspaper in Metuchen, NJ, which includes an interesting discussion about homosexuality in horror movies.
  12. Chopping Mall gives some retro love to Hammer’s Horror of Frankenstein.
  13. J. J. Murphy reviews Dustin Guy Defa’s debut feature Bad Fever.
  14. At Snuffbox Films, Rupert takes a look at open source video editing options and finds the field lacking.
  15. Filmmaker Brett Butler had his short story “Heaven and Hell” published on the Zouch literature website.
  16. Rhizome has announced the 11 recipients of their 2011 commissions cycle.
  17. The Phantom of Pulp absolutely raves over Sion Sono’s Cold Fish.
  18. Bill Plympton asks the tough question: Why is Leni Riefenstahl considered a controversial figure while Sergei Eisenstein is revered? Plus, Bill implores all filmmakers to submit to the Banja Luca Film Festival in Croatia, which sounds lovely.
  19. Filmmaker Lucy Dyson had a video screen at the Fest Anča International Animation Festival, where she caught some flicks. She was mostly excited by the documentary Free Radicals by Pip Chodorov, which does sound really amazing.
  20. Not underground, but I agree with everything Patrick Smith says about The Rocketeer.

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