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Underground Film Links: July 1, 2012

By Mike Everleth ⋅ July 1, 2012

Cameraman lining up a shot
  1. This week’s Must Read is an article on a subject that I know most of my readers will find helpful: How to Create a Good Experimental Film! (Come on, how many of you guys have been doing it all wrong all these years?) Now that the Internet has been filled up with pointless websites offering mindless tips and tricks on how to perform mundane tasks, it’s about time the web’s attention got pointed towards the world of experimental filmmaking.
  2. This week’s Must Look shows us all how it’s REALLY done: Paul Sharit’s eye-boggling studies of planned films. They’re pieces of art that stand on their own!
  3. Making Light of It has an extremely bizarre letter that Ron Rice wrote back in 1962 in which he attempts to terrorize a film distributor into handling his movies lest the filmmaker tear down the entire film industry. Probably not the best approach to seeking distribution.
  4. Phil Solomon has audio from a ’96 salon held with Stan Brakhage where he discusses The Art of Vision.
  5. Temple of Schlock corrects the inaccuracies surrounding the release of the 1974 heist movie Murph the Surf.
  6. BadAzz MoFo’s David Walker recounts the inspiring story of the time he almost died.
  7. In a less death-defying personal tale than the one above, the Phantom of Pulp tells of the harrowing experience of convincing his mom he should see a Mario Bava film.
  8. Not underground: Here’s a very serious letter that Monty Python wrote to those who complained that Life of Brian was making fun of religion.

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