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Underground Film Links: January 9, 2011

By Mike Everleth ⋅ January 9, 2011

  1. The prestigious Art in America magazine profiles and interviews Underground Film Journal favorite Brent Green.
  2. Filmmaker and curator Cecilia Araneda has a new website that’s very spiffy looking.
  3. If you need a zen moment, go stare at the wonder of filmmaker and artist Daniel Barrow’s snowglobe.
  4. Michael Varrati has a great new filmmaker to know: David DeCoteau, the king of beefcake horror. I was completely unfamiliar with his work until I read this!
  5. Rhizome goes through the career of pioneering video artist Nam June Paik in conjunction with a retrospective of his work running at the Tate in London. Plus, some staff changes at the media arts website.
  6. I think the Underground Film Guild is a project of TLA Video, but I can’t say for sure. (Hey guys, update your About page from the automatic WordPress-install text.) But, if you want to read/watch about exploitation films, this looks like a good place to go.
  7. SnagFilms is now offering many of their documentaries for the iPad, including Bob Ray’s Hell on Wheels.
  8. Wes of The Bloodsprayer shares his man-crush on writer Shade Rupe.
  9. Lenny Lipton remembers his good friend Chris Condon, an early 3D movie pioneer.
  10. Now this is when to issue a press release: Nude Nuns With Big Guns rockets up IMDB’s MovieMeter.
  11. WBEZ public radio has an audio interview with filmmaker Coquie Hughes to talk about her indie lesbian-themed films.
  12. Kenneth Price’s Americatown got some good press in the last week. First, his local paper the Wilmington StarNews ran a nice feature story. Then, indieWIRE’s Eric Kohn gave it a mixed, but mostly positive review.
  13. For INCITE!, Penny Lane interviewed filmmaker Jennifer Montgomery about her all-female remake of Deliverance, called just Deliver.
  14. Facets has up 10 great films experienced through their fine organization by cinephile Jason Coffman in 2010.
  15. Speaking of Penny Lane, I also found this interview she did with Jim Finn for the Brooklyn Rail back in May.
  16. Filmmaker Matt Wagner claims that an underground film festival in San Francisco will be returning this year. Is that true?
  17. Congrats to Jesse McLean for his Magic For Beginners winning the short film First Prize at the Three Rivers Film Festival.
  18. Jacob of Making Light of It names the best film he saw in 2010: T. Marie’s Slaveship.
  19. Cineflyer reviews Barbara Sternberg’s CD-ROM Illuminations: A Book of Letters, which is now available online in Flash format.
  20. Here’s some cute portraits, including a self, by Leslie Supnet.
  21. Amir George has directed a new music video, this time for Alicia Ya Yah Townsend.
  22. Bob Moricz is having good experiences playing with his new mini Zi8 camera. Plus, Moricz gets an insight into how the internet really works.
  23. Jonas Mekas is a filmmaker, but also a poet. Hear him read some poetry. Plus, shoveling out the Anthology.
  24. Chopping Mall reviews the year 2010 in zombies and vampires.
  25. Andrea Grover clues us into the event Visionary Ideas for This World Or Another.
  26. For Digital Retribution, Paul Ryan reviewed Nick Zedd’s Adventures of Electra Elf DVD collection, which wasn’t very positive, but fair.
  27. DINCA embeds and reviews the controversial B-17: A Mini Epic movie.
  28. Robert Putka is gearing up to direct another film, which is sounding on the ambitious and exciting side.
  29. Not underground: Chuck Tryon went on a trip to Universal Studios Orlando and filed an academic report of the good times.

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