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Underground Film Links: January 8, 2012

By Mike Everleth ⋅ January 8, 2012

Unconscious London Strata by Stan Brakhage film still

Oh yeah, it feels weird typing “2012” in the post title. Guess we’re — as in the “collective we” — still getting our legs under us for the new year, so not too many links again:

  1. Making Light of It, making a nice return of things, has┬álots of gorgeous film stills from Brakhage’s Unconscious London Strata. Plus, a comparison of Ezra Pound’s The Return with Nathaniel Dorsky’s The Return.
  2. Donna k. suggests some places where one can read about women artists.
  3. Luke Black debuts the very fine poster for his latest film Beef Barley Brothers.
  4. The Horror Club very nicely put Paul Campion’s The Devil’s Rock on its Best of 2011 list.
  5. Congrats to Bill Plympton on his recent nuptials! I really want some of that cake or whatever it is he and his bride are posing in front of…
  6. The Phantom of Pulp lists his Best Films of 2011, plus his Best DVDs and Blu-Rays of 2011.
  7. J.J. Murphy reviews Northeast, the debut feature by Gregory Kohn.

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