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Underground Film Links: January 30, 2010

By Mike Everleth ⋅ January 30, 2011

  1. I always love new websites that celebrate the art of short films. Short of the Week is a nice new site that features some great stuff, including, yes, short films, but also news and updates. Go bookmark this one.
  2. Congrats to Underground Film Journal fave Jef Taylor for a successful Sundance romp! (You usually hear so little about short films at these kinds of events.) His After You Left got some nice reviews, first at Reel Guys and then at College Movie Review.
  3. It was sad to hear that Random Lunacy star Poppa Neutrino passed away last week. The New Yorker‘s Alec Wilkinson, who wrote a book on Poppa, has a wonderful remembrance.
  4. Rupert of SnuffBox Films keys us into a great new web video tool, Vid.ly, which converts video into every playable online video format possible. The sample played really great.
  5. Mike White posted up an amazing list of the Top 20 films not released on DVD. Once there, click through the even bigger list he surveyed out of people.
  6. Jennifer Reeves faces a parenting dilemma that’s probably not experienced by many parents: What to call the kinds of movies she makes to her young son! (Hey, we all know my preference.)
  7. Rhizome has pictures of perhaps the greatest sculpture ever made. (Yes, even better than Michelangelo’s David.) It’s David Herbert’s “VHS.” Now, that’s art!
  8. Patrick Smith posts up his first ever animation and the fascinating story behind its creation. No wonder him and Bill Plympton are friends!
  9. Re:Voir has a new DVD out: Four classic short films by Gunvor Nelson. That link has a Quicktime of an excerpt from her Moon’s Pool.
  10. If you haven’t seen Wreck & Salvage’s “Rockit” version of the State of the Union, go watch it.
  11. Congrats to Todd Verow, whose The Final Girl, made Screen Junkies’ Top 10 list of lesbian films, which shares space with classics like Bound, High Art, Go Fish and The Watermelon Woman.
  12. This is from back in March, but Mondo Video published a long intro of and interview with Nick Zedd, with several nice film stills.
  13. Anne Richardson, of Oregon Movies, A to Z, went through the acting career of former Sleater-Kinney rock goddess Carrie Brownstein, who has performed on camera for the likes of Miranda July and Vanessa Renwick. That’s a nice site in general, too.
  14. For the website Little White Lies, Adam Woodward profiles the production company MilesTone Films, which produced CrimeFighters that screened at the last Arizona Underground Film Festival.
  15. Luke Black posted up his short film, snapshots, which was shot on the Nokia N8 camera (and commissioned by Nokia).
  16. Phantom of Pulp has a nice obituary — and by “nice” I mean NSFW and hide the children — of Japanese cult filmmaker Toshiharu Ikeda who just passed away.
  17. Jacob of Making Light of It wants to introduce everyone to experimental filmmaker Kyle Canterbury.
  18. Bill Plympton offers a glimpse of his upcoming coffee table book.
  19. Somebody else hire Robert G. Putka — he’s a great young actor. Congrats to him on the first one that unfortunately got away.
  20. Writer Jack Sargeant gets away from the keyboard to act in a film, Jon Hewitt’s upcoming X. Hanging out in a strip club isn’t a bad day’s work!
  21. If you want an intellectual deconstruction of Charles Bronson’s Death Wish, then read this loaded-with-big-words chat between Glenn Kenny and novelist Christopher Sorrentino.
  22. Michael Varrati clues us in to the hidden horrors of Cloris Leachman.
  23. Now I just want to highlight some nice looking websites I’ve come across lately. A great film site I’ve seen is for Jenny Abel’s great documentary Abel Raises Cain, which is laid out like a tabloid newspaper.
  24. Not film, but comic book artist Brian Wood has a fantastic website that a filmmaker or film distributor would do well by being inspired by it.