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Underground Film Links: January 29, 2012

By Mike Everleth ⋅ January 29, 2012

Nicholas McCarthy walks into coffee shop

New feature that I tried out last week and which I plan on continuing into the future: Check the Underground Film Journal’s Facebook page tomorrow (Monday) to see which link got the most clicks.

  1. The L.A. Times published an in-depth profile of filmmaker Nicholas McCarthy about his struggles in trying to get a feature film going. A coda that happened post article publication: McCarthy’s The Pact just got picked up for distribution by IFC Midnight after a few successful Sundance screenings. I remember reviewing the short film version of The Pact about a year ago…
  2. Speaking of Sundance, if you want an awesome “boots on the ground” report on what attending the festival is actually like, you have to scroll through donna k.’s tons of film reviews and photo posts about her adventures there. I’ve avoided all other Sundance coverage except hers.
  3. My old high school friend Ernie Vecchione is now an indie film producer and has a very funny blog about his experiences. Well, funny or this post about crewing and casting up to shoot a short promo trailer in Philadelphia will break your heart.
  4. Louis Proyect dissects Lionel Rogosin’s seminal 1959 film Come Back, Africa, the first ever blistering expose on Apartheid in South Africa.
  5. The¬†Underground Film Journal is very happy that one of our favorite filmmakers has come back to blogging: Waylon Bacon’s journey to get some footage logged for his documentary Dad is a real treat to read.
  6. The Canyon Cinema blog rounds up obits for Robert Nelson. Didn’t include the Underground Film Journal’s, but you probably already read that one.
  7. At Examiner, Alison Martin examines Jeff Keen’s first ever U.S. art show at the Elizabeth Dee Gallery, which includes screenings of his experimental films.
  8. Maribyrnong Weekly gets a little backstory on Melbourne, Australia’s Angry Film Festival, which has been running for 10 years.
  9. J.J. Murphy reviews Todd Rohal’s sophomore effort, the tongue-twistered The Catechism Cataclysm.
  10. Will film projection ever be fully dead? Bob Moricz doesn’t think so.
  11. Electric Sheep interviews the legendary Monte Hellman, whose made a recent return to film with Road to Nowhere.
  12. Making Light of It examines the mystery of the cracking good cinema of Jennifer Reeves.
  13. Burning Water Review on Stan Brakhage’s career.
  14. What’s the indie/underground film scene like in upstate New York? This interview with filmmaker Jon Russell Cring sheds some light.
  15. Shockya.com interviews actor Daniel Raymont, who starred in Buzzkill, which screened at the 2010 Portland Underground Film Festival.
  16. You can’t get as far away from the underground than the Oscars, but Glenn Kenny outlining what’s wrong with the current state of media commentating is spot on. Choice quote: “No, what’s most important to them is their vitality in terms of identifying trends, staying on top of the latest modes of snark, embodying a sensibility that makes them not the ideal Entertainment Weekly reader but some form of an ideal Entertainment Weekly senior editor if Entertainment Weekly were still hiring, or ever likely to hire again.”