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Underground Film Links: January 23, 2010

By Mike Everleth ⋅ January 23, 2011

  1. The Paul Sharits memorial website, run by his son Christopher, is looking for articles to post on art and music.
  2. Congrats to Stuart Simpson’s fantastic El Monstro Del Mar!, which has been picked up for distribution by IndieFilmNet.
  3. Careful, this one’s “dirty”: The great cartoonist/reviewer Rick Trembles covers Usama Alshaibi’s hilarious short film The Amateur.
  4. Then, Usama Alshaibi tackles the myth about Muslims not being able to render images of the prophets.
  5. J.J. Murphy tackles one of the most controversial movies of the last year or so, whether you knew it or not: Harmony Korine’s Trash Humpers.
  6. Always a cause for rejoicing: Jonas Mekas announces a new film debuting in Feb.: Sleepless Nights Stories! A little background on the film from Jonas here.
  7. SXSW interviews fellow festival founder Lisa Vandever of Cinekink four questions about her upcoming interactive panel in Austin, TX.
  8. Professor Chuck Tryon jumps into the “cultural elite” debate that was started by Neal Gabler who wrote one of the most misguided articles I’ve read in awhile, which is a shame because I’ve always thought his Walt Disney biography was amazing.
  9. Don Swaynos is working on a new feature film with the Jollyville crew. (Can’t wait!) It’s called Pictures of Superheroes and, appropriately, here’s a picture of some costumes from the film.
  10. Rhizome has completely redesigned and reorganized their amazing electronic media arts blog. Congrats! Looks great.
  11. MovieMaker magazine interviewed director Jef Taylor who is currently at Sundance with his short film After You Left, which was reviewed last week on the Underground Film Journal.
  12. Love bugs? Beetle Queen of Tokyo is selling a nifty book of stills from the film.
  13. Film Studies for Free has a nifty collection of videos of guest lecturers at the University of Chicago, including such folks as Michael Snow and Carolee Schneemann.
  14. File this under “wish I thought of that first.” The Comics Reporter links to somebody who scanned in Dave Sim’s faux animation cels for his proposed animated Cerebus project and made faux animated shorts out of them.
  15. Anton Bitel has an excellent historical analysis and review of the original I Spit on Your Grave.
  16. For Filmmaker Magazine, my man Mike Plante analyzes the effect and issues swirling around the hit documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop.
  17. Ekrem Serdar shares the videos he screened at a recent show held in Buffalo, NY featuring the work of Turkish experimental filmmakers.
  18. Bill Plympton posted the results of his best indie short animated film poll — excluding his own phenomenal work. If Plympton couldn’t win, then of course Don Hertzfeldt did.
  19. Re:Voir video has a new DVD for sale: The Films of Gordon Ball.
  20. Mark Toscano, a preservationist at the Academy Film Archive, discusses some of the Kodachrome (R.I.P.) film he’s helped preserved.
  21. Michael Varrati analyzes his own obsession with the Killer Tomatoes movies.
  22. Rupert of Snuff Box Films discusses what’s wrong with many modern movie trailers.
  23. Electronic Arts Intermix has a primer on producing Hi-Definition video and what it all means.
  24. Found a new experimental film blog this week whose title I won’t write out, but go look.
  25. Candlelight Stories has excerpts from 1957 Soviet space movie, Road to the Stars.
  26. For the Austin Chronicle, Marc Savlov analyzes the impact of Slacker and interviews director Richard Linklater.
  27. Victoria Ellison previewed tonight’s Barbara Hammer show at REDCAT in Los Angeles for the L.A. Weekly.
  28. Bob Moricz has redesigned his Etsy store with the help of his wife Irina. Looks sweet!
  29. Play the Previews is not an underground film site, but I thought I’d start thanking other film bloggers who include the Underground Film Journal in their blogroll in these links posts. This is actually a nice site that reviews movie trailers, as well as whole movies. Thank you, Michaela Zanello!
  30. Not really underground film, really. However, if you’re interested in what it takes to run a successful blog — like one about underground film — this post on Get Rich Slowly is one of the best I’ve ever read. How does one do it? By putting in long hours and little reward. Sounds about right!

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