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Underground Film Links: January 22, 2012

By Mike Everleth ⋅ January 22, 2012

Jonas Mekas shooting The Brig
  1. This Week’s Absolute Must Look is a series of film stills from Storm de Hirsch’s documentary about Jonas Mekas making his documentary of the performance of The Brig in 1964. So that’s what a filmmaker shooting with a film camera looks like!
  2. Aryan Kaganof had an unpleasant experience at a European film festival. Maybe it’s just me, but I think his comment to Bela Tarr is funny.
  3. Jason Kupfer has a snazzy new filmmaker website, which I’ve been meaning to link to for awhile, so I guess it’s new-ish.
  4. Dominic Deacon’s nunsploitation feature Bad Habits got reviewed on the site Scaryminds and received a 3 out of 5 on the sex and violence scale.
  5. The site Bad at Sports interviews filmmaker Jesse McLean.
  6. J.J. Murphy reviews Azazel Jacob’s feature Terri, marking it along the filmmaker’s inching closer to the mainstream. Or is there something more unique bubbling beneath the surface?
  7. Slumlord Courtney Fathom Sell is keeping a journal of his experiences at Sundance this year, that I can’t link to directly, but just go to his site and it’ll come up quickly. This is most likely the only mention of Sundance on the¬†Underground Film Journal this year.
  8. Wait a minute. John Waters is gay? Werner Herzog gets to the truth.
  9. Well, this is something I hadn’t heard before: P. Adams Sitney regrets becoming the pseudo-father of “structuralism.”
  10. Donna k. misses George Kuchar. We all do.
  11. Here’s a modern day review of the book The New American Cinema published in 1967 and edited by Gregory Babcock. The author kind of loses his point in there, but I think this is mostly positive.
  12. Not film: Documentary filmmaker Jessica Oreck describes a fascinating Finnish store that I don’t think could exist in the U.S., but I wish it did.

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