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Underground Film Links: January 21, 2013

By Mike Everleth ⋅ January 21, 2013

Award laurel leaves used for film promotion

I really wanted to break my link posting hiatus on its traditional Sunday yesterday, but a technical crisis prevented me from doing so. But, here we are:

  1. The other reason I only wanted to come out of hiatus was to share this brilliant article by donna k. giving advice to young filmmakers. I was particularly taken with her 3rd note regarding asking oneself the ever important question “Why make this film?” That’s something I’ve come across on my own as a paid screener for a festival, too, but also checking out the films submitted to the¬†Underground Film Journal via email. When a film doesn’t work, the first question I typically ask myself is: “Why did that person even bother?” And I usually assume the answer is just to regurgitate other garbage seen in our culture. So, please take Donna’s advice: Be introspective, thoughtful and have a POV. Don’t make another piece of nonsense that exists just for the marketing campaign for it.
  2. In anticipation of their “The American Serial: 1914-1944” screening event, Light Industry has been posting up some really fantastic serial posters of yore. I’m partial to this Daredevils of the Red Circle one, but go browsing through the whole batch. Great fun!
  3. J.J. Murphy runs through the filmography of under-appreciated filmmaker Frank V. Ross. Actually, I’ve never heard of the dude, but his latest is Tiger Tail in Blue.
  4. Williamsburg Greenpoint News+Arts reviews a recent retrospective of Transgression films held in Brooklyn, which was attended by Transgression creator Nick Zedd.
  5. Jonas Mekas got a medal in France.
  6. Ok, so I didn’t actually read this one because I was afraid it would make me physically ill, but Electric Sheep tackled the overlooked subject of vomit in film. (Sorry, but I have a quick gag reflex when it comes to barf.)
  7. If you’re a comic book nerd, you know Stephen Bissette as one of the greatest horror artists of all time. However, Temple of Schlock posted a movie review by Steve of the “none too scary” 1976 film Dark August.
  8. Bob Moricz mourns actress Mariangela Melato.
  9. Nathaniel Dorsky posted up two scans of articles he wrote about Stan Brakhage. One from 1984 and one from 2001.
  10. Mark Toscano write about restoring a film he’s never seen: Mike Henderson’s Will She Get Over It (1971).
  11. In the continuing adventures of Jon Jost vs. Ray Carney, Jost has posted up a batch of private, duplicitous correspondence from Carney. The best takeaway from this is: Don’t lie for people on your blog. Ever. And, yes, I’ve been asked to and refused. Not that I’m blaming and/or condemning Jost. From the correspondence, it’s clear how he got sucked in.
  12. Not underground: David Walker runs through the cinematic legacy of Ed Gein.