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Underground Film Links: January 2, 2011

By Mike Everleth ⋅ January 2, 2011

Welcome to the first Underground Film Links post of 2011! I predict it’s going to be an amazing year for these! (So, get to work…)

  1. This week’s must read is a fine list of resolutions for filmmakers put together by Scott Macaulay of Filmmaker Magazine. This is one of those articles I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy, but they’re really great suggestions.
  2. Since the year ended, there are, of course, lots of lists going around. First, In These Times has a round-up of the 10 Best Political Documentaries, which covered some pretty big issues.
  3. R. Emmet Sweeney of TCM’s Movie Morlocks has his Top 10 Genre Movies of 2010, of which I’ve only seen The Crazies and thought was great as well.
  4. SF360 has a mess of Top 10s in its annual survey of Bay Area critics. This is notable particularly since Jonathan Marlow of the S.F. Cinematheque includes Underground Film Journal Movie of the Year Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then.
  5. Chained to the Cinémathèque has its list of films experienced for the first time in 2010, listed in order of rough preference. In the #1 spot: The 1960 film Late Autumn by Yasujiro Ozu.
  6. Claire Mueller, the costume designer on Stuart Simpson’s El Monstro Del Mar!, has a wrap-up of he significant events of 2010, including a picture of winning an award at the Sydney Underground Film Festival.
  7. This Fangoria Year in Horror roundup namedrops the Spooky Movie film festival.
  8. Luke Buckmaster of the Australian blog Crikey rounds up his big stories of 2010, including a couple dust-ups surrounding Richard Wolstencroft of the Melbourne Underground Film Festival.
  9. That’s it for lists. In classic underground film article news, Gerda Johanna Cammaer of Synoptique has an excellent account surrounding the controversial screenings of Jack Smith’s Flaming Creatures at EXPRMNTL 3 in 1963.
  10. Also, the defunct Jahsonic has a nice encyclopedia entry on “experimental film”, covering several topics.
  11. Is 16mm film dead? Scott MacDonald didn’t think so in 2006.
  12. This article focusing on different types of documentary film contains a brief mention of the avant-garde.
  13. Bob Moricz has a short manifesto for filmmakers working deliberately with consumer-grade equipment, a practice I fully support.
  14. Oxford Film Freak has the lineup for the 2011 Oxford Film Festival.
  15. Brent Green lets us know Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then will have a couple live performance screenings at the Kitchen in NYC in Feb.
  16. The Attack of the B-Movie Muzak has up the list of songs Kenneth Anger included in Scorpio Rising.
  17. DINCA has some nice photographs of a young Stan Brakhage taken around 1970 by Michael Chikiris.
  18. Jon Lanthier has resurrected his Aspiring Sellout blog, this time on a self-hosted WordPress platform. Welcome to the club!
  19. More history of the glory days of Hong Kong cinema screening in Australia by the Phantom of Pulp. Plus, a glowing review of Nucleus Films’ DVD tribute to England’s “video nasty” tradition.
  20. Let’s check in with what Jack Sargeant is currently reading: A little Burroughs, a little exploitation history, a little occult history…
  21. And for the biggest recent news: Mike White is going back to print for a special Cashiers du Cinemart issue #16. Woo-hoo!

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