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Underground Film Links: January 16, 2011

By Mike Everleth ⋅ January 16, 2011

Before we get to the list this week, a special note: I got a very nice email this week from Jackie Keen, the wife of legendary British underground filmmaker Jeff Keen. I’ve written about Jeff a few times on the Underground Film Journal, particularly about his troublesome situation. If you’re not familiar with Jeff’s incredible body of work, read that link and do yourself a favor and check out his official website.

  1. This week’s Must Read is Craig Baldwin’s history and understanding of why San Francisco is such a mecca for found-footage filmmakers such as himself. The article, on the Moving Image Source website, is reprinted from the recent book Radical Light.
  2. Speaking of Radical Light, Reed Johnson of the L.A. Times previews the Los Angeles screening tour that’s accompanying the book.
  3. Also to celebrate Radical Light, Chuck Stephens of Blip Magazine reviews several films of Bruce Baillie and has tons of great film stills from them.
  4. And Making Light of It has some nice scans from Radical Light, too.
  5. The Times of India interviews filmmaker Tariq Tapa about filming his movie Zero Bridge in Kashmir. That’s a really beautiful and underappreciated movie!
  6. Mozzer of the My Films blog interviews Rona Mark about Strange Girls, which is genius, and The Crab, which I haven’t seen yet.
  7. Marc Savlov of the Austin Chronicle interviews the legendary Alejandro Jodorowsky, who is out and about in regards to a recent theatrical re-release and impending DVD release of his Santa Sangre.
  8. Some lists to get The Liberal Dead recommends 10 indie horror movies that specifically deserve your attention, including Nathan Wrann’s terrific thriller Burning Inside.
  9. Dominic Deacon’s wonderfully trippy Burlesque made Film Bizarro’s Best of 2010 list. They also list several other interesting sounding movies.
  10. Joshua von Brown’s Altamont Now is still wowing people. It topped The Candler Blog’s 12 Best of 2010.
  11. Al Kwiatkowski and Brad Strauss of the Chicago Film Discussion Group give their Top 10 rentals from Facets.
  12. This is from awhile ago, but Dangerous Minds tries to argue that no film is too rare to find on the Internet using the Kuchar brothers as an example.
  13. Bill Plympton has some Tron-inspired sketches made for a commission for an art show. Personally, I would go see Tron: Plympton in a heartbeat. Tron: Legacy, not. Plus, Plympton relates the most horrifying screening story … ever!
  14. Mike Rollo has a page of notes typed up by Stanley Kubrick about his Napoleon movie that never happened.
  15. Luke Black had a good experience shooting with the Nokia N8 smartphone’s camera. The result is not online, but you can see it at the Vancouver Art Gallery.
  16. This is nice: Filmmaking and photographing couple Eve Sussman and Simon Lee have built a personal movie theater in their Brooklyn studio. Donna k. has the photographs.
  17. Brent Green has a list of all the upcoming screenings of the Underground Film Journal’s 2010 Movie of the Year, Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then.
  18. Candlelight Stories wants you to watch the funky sci-fi short film Modern Times, which is really pretty cool looking. Plus, watch the Fantastic Adventures of Cloudman.
  19. For Electric Sheep, John Bleasdale discusses Michael Haenke’s “hate stories.”
  20. On occasion of Barbara Hammer’s 71st birthday the other day, Film Studies for Free has rounded up a ton of videos and scholarly links about the filmmaker.
  21. The Feast has a video interview with Jonas Mekas discussing the legacy and continuing work done by the Anthology Film Archives.
  22. Jessica Oreck is busy getting ready for Sundance to participate in the Mike Plante/Mark Rosenberg organized project called OrbitFilm.
  23. I just found out about a great, relatively new screening place in Brooklyn: Microscope Gallery. Hope to add events to the Screenings section soon.
  24. The Paul Sharits memorial website run by his son now includes an events page for friends’ screenings.
  25. Michael Varrati wants you to know all about cult filmmaker Don Edmonds. If his name isn’t familiar to you, then the name of his most infamous film might be: Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS.