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Underground Film Links: February 6, 2010

By Mike Everleth ⋅ February 6, 2011

Chicago Underground Film Festival website
  1. There’s very little in this world that gets me more excited than when an underground film festival adopts WordPress as a CMS for their website. Even more exciting is when the world’s oldest underground fest does it, as the Chicago Underground Film Festival has recently. Awesome looking site, guys!
  2. Gazelluloid is an experimental cinema blog that’s been around almost a year, but I just discovered it. The site posts up tons of great short films with no commentary. You should go bookmark it.
  3. There’s another brand new experimental film blog out there, too: cori e comete. However, you have to read Italian to get the full effect. The blog name translates to “choruses and comets.”
  4. There’s a new experimental and avant-garde screening space in North America: CinemaSpace at the Segal Centre in Montreal. Lots of great screenings are scheduled already. CineSpace is being run by Daïchi Saïto and Malena Szlam.
  5. Congrats to Chris Hansen for winning the Best Screenplay award at the Trail Dance Film Festival for his moving film Endings.
  6. Also congrats to Bobby Putka for Hooka Face and the Virgin Boy for getting into Cinekink. Yes, the crowds there will enjoy the awkward non-sex.
  7. Eric Kohn interviews writer Shade Rupe about his book Dark Stars Rising, which includes interviews with 27 different personalities from the underground.
  8. Bob Moricz needs your help. If you know what happened to Sacramento, CA public access tv’s Naked Preacher Lady, please contact him regarding a documentary he’s working on.
  9. When two cinematic masters meet: Brent Green is introduced to Jan Svankmajer in Rotterdam. Plus, donna k. gives her thoughts about the films she’s seen at Rotterdam this year and a collective thread she’s spotted interwoven between them.
  10. Canyon Cinema lets us know that Dominic Angerame has a gallery show up from now until Feb. 20 at the Bonnafont Gallery in San Francisco. If you live in the Bay Area: Go check it out.
  11. Filmmaker Mike Rollo recommends everybody check out an online photo slideshow by Paul Fusco that documents Bobby Kennedy’s coffin’s journey across the U.S. by train.
  12. The Magic Robot gives an interesting music history lesson regarding the song “It Came the Night,” which Kenneth Anger used in one of his versions of Rabbit’s Moon. Be forewarned, though, the Magic Robot is not an underground film fan.
  13. Waylon Bacon has started a new film, the documentary Dad, which is about his own father.
  14. Hal Astell of Apocalypse Later reviews Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives, which screened last year at the Arizona Underground Film Festival among other fests. But, does it live up to it’s awesomely fun title?
  15. Professor Tryon discusses the transient nature of online cinematic discourse, but also how that transience could lead to more permanence.
  16. Clint Enns is making his way through Jonas Mekas’ Movie Journal and transcribes an issue of Canadian censorship back in 1964.
  17. Speaking of Mekas, he has another new film debuting this year: Correspondences: Jonas Mekas – José Luis Guerín. Look for it at the Punto de Vista Film Festival.
  18. Electric Sheep’s Robert Barry gives an interesting write-up focusing on the effectiveness of the soundtrack of the classic I Walked With a Zombie (1943) by Jacques Tourneur.
  19. Michael Varrati profiles horror icon Jessica Harper, whom you might not think is a horror icon at first, but she’s been in some pretty big films.
  20. Cecilia Araneda talks about her time spent at the Film Farm and the footage she shot there.
  21. Candlelight Stories has a dream film circa 1924.
  22. There’s a blog devoted to the lost 1965 film Summer Children, which was shot by Vilmos Zsigmond and had it’s 45 year late premiere at Slamdance last month.
  23. At the House Next Door, Dan Callahan writes up his experience seeing John Waters introduce the Ann-Margret movie Kitten With a Whip at an event at the Anthology Film Archives recently.
  24. A special Thank You to Sandra Sanchez, a budding young marketing student, who has linked the Underground Film Journal in her blogroll on her site Social Media & Film. She’ll go far as she obviously has good taste.

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