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Underground Film Links: February 5, 2012

By Mike Everleth ⋅ February 5, 2012

Barbara Hammer in 1979
  1. Electric Sheep has an excellent profile of experimental filmmaker Barbara Hammer, who is having a major retrospective of her work at the Tate Modern this month.
  2. For artforum, Ed Halter writes a touching obituary of George Kuchar, and reminds us of how neglected he and his brother were from the critical space early in their careers.
  3. In a strange twist of events, underground filmmaker Jon Moritsugu is up for a Grammy Award next week with his wife Amy Davis, who perform in the band Low on High together. Except, their Grammy is for directing a music video for the band TV on the Radio.
  4. The Caulfield Glen Eira Leader profiles local filmmaker Donna McRae, who won the Best Editing Award at the 2011 Minneapolis Underground Film Festival for her debut horror feature film Johnny Ghost. It’s always nice to get a little local love.
  5. Cineflyer profiles its own local filmmaker Scott Fitzpatrick, who’s only been making films since 2010.
  6. Per tradition, BadAzz MoFo is profiling important African-American films this February. Read this one on Charles Burnett’s nearly forgotten Killer of Sheep.
  7. J.J. Murphy continues with his great reviews of mostly overlooked indie films, this time covering Mark Jackson’s debut feature Without, of which he says “is the latest independent film to leave me excited by the work that young indie filmmakers are able to accomplish on very low budgets these days.”
  8. Maybe the brain will never die in The Brain That Wouldn’t Die, and neither will Bob Moricz’s love for that film.
  9. Movie editing via Post-it Note via Chris Hansen.
  10. Pop quiz: How many movies did Elliot Gould and Donald Sutherland star in together in the ’70s?
  11. Making Light of It has Fernand L├ęger on the “Aesthetic of the Machine.”
  12. So, could filmmaker Waylon Bacon properly catalog 19 tapes of his documentary Dad in just 48 hours?

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