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Underground Film Links: February 3, 2012

By Mike Everleth ⋅ February 3, 2013

Film still from Maya Deren's The Very Eye of Night
  1. This Week’s Must Read: Nelson Carvajal wrote a very nice piece about a typically neglected subject: Women of the Avant-Garde, covering the work of Germaine Dulac, Maya Deren, Shirley Clarke, Janie Geiser and others.
  2. Speaking of Maya Deren, Making Light of It scanned and posted her “Notes, Essays, Letters.” Also, Ron Rice’s “Diaries, Notebooks, Sketches.”
  3. Donna k. reviews the acclaimed Holy Motors by Leos Carax, calling it the “best film I have seen in a loooong time … that explores the complications of the current cinematic landscape.”
  4. J.J. Murphy reviews Tim Sutton’s debut feature Pavilion and praises it for the unexpected directions the narrative springs off to.
  5. I’m sure most of you reading this know all about Herschell Gordon Lewis, but Michael Varrati has an extremely nice profile the notorious horror filmmaker.
  6. Most people don’t write about the soundtrack to the infamous Cannibal Holocaust, but Electric Sheep has an interesting piece about it.
  7. Light Industry has a bunch of neat animated .gifs from Abram Room’s Bed and Sofa (1926), which they screened last week.
  8. Hey, Don’t Just Lay There and check out this Temple of Shlock ad mat.
  9. Meet the first batch of 2013 interns at the Aurora Picture Show, who seem to have a diverse range of backgrounds.
  10. Not underground: Glenn Kenny has an extremely funny story about the old Premiere magazine publishing an atrocious comic strip drawn by David Mamet way back when.