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Underground Film Links: February 27, 2011

By Mike Everleth ⋅ February 27, 2011

Craig Baldwin's 16mm film archive (by Lynne Sachs)

Is there something major going on in film tonight? Who knows? So, enjoy these links about movies that don’t get all the attention!

  1. The big news this week is that the last lab in the UK has just stopped printing 16mm film. That’s right: It is now impossible to get your 16mm film printed in England! Thanks, Deluxe! Filmmaker Tacita Dean writes an impassioned, personal article about this devastating blow to the film world for the Guardian.
  2. (By the way, the image above was taken by documentary filmmaker Lynne Sachs and is of Craig Baldwin’s 16mm film archive.)
  3. At Africa Is a Country, Sean Jacobs interviews South African filmmaker Dylan Valley about the documentary The Uprising of Hangberg, which Valley co-directed with Underground Film Journal fave Aryan Kaganof. The film documents the South African police crackdown of a small village full of “alleged” squatters. Heavy emphasis on “alleged.”
  4. Quote of the Week: “When gay porn zombies come to town, it seems sick children are sometimes the winners.” That’s The Age’s lead into their story on Richard Wolstencroft’s recent court victory. Well, I’m claiming it as a victory for him as it could have turned out much worse.
  5. And, I don’t mean this as self-serving linkage, but Mark Savage left the best quote on what’s the matter with Australia on the Underground Film Journal the other day.
  6. Also, not self-serving but in hopes of fostering more discussion on this very site, Lev Kalman has some questions about Amazon VOD that you might want to answer if you’re using that service.
  7. Bjorn of Zouch gives a really excellent — and really lengthy — analysis of Nathan Wrann’s Burning Inside, a thriller that I would describe either deconstructed or post-modern, but it’s really too unique for either of those terms.
  8. J. J. Murphy finally unleashes his Best Independent Films of 2010 list, having given himself enough time to catch up on everything.
  9. Bill Plympton is pissed. Why doesn’t indie cinema respect animation? Good question…
  10. Still under construction, Screen Slate looks to be a promising new resource for finding unique screenings in NYC.
  11. Matt Cantor of the Philadelphia City Paper gives a great review to Michael P. Heneghan’s The Romantic. If you haven’t watched this yet, run a search on the Underground Film Journal right now and watch it.
  12. In my continuing efforts in digging up Chicago Underground Film Festival artifacts, on Senses of Cinema, Gabe Klinger reviews several films at the 7th annual CUFF, held in 2000, and interviews honoree Alejandro Jodorowsky.
  13. The Mission Local blog has a great history of the (currently financially strapped) Artists Television Access center in San Francisco.
  14. Speaking of ATA, Zach Iannazzi has a cool poster for a recent screening there, a group show called Frog Tropes.
  15. The San Jose Metblog has an interview with Joseph Sims, Australian director of Bad Behavior, an award-winning film at last year’s Melbourne Underground Film Festival.
  16. Video of Jonas Mekas introducing John Waters introducing Kitten With a Whip at a recent screening at the Anthology.
  17. I hadn’t realized that William Peter Blatty’s The Ninth Configuration was a (sorta) direct sequel to The Exorcist, but Alex Fitch makes the case on Electric Sheep while analyzing Blatty’s “Faith” trilogy.
  18. Online film critic Rodney Perkins has a new site that I didn’t know about called Aphanisis. Read what he has to say about mockumentaries.
  19. Britmovie takes a look at a nearly lost British classic (according to them), 1971’s Private Road, directed by Barney Platts-Mills. Is this one of the last great counter-culture movie of the ’60s?
  20. Luke Black has high praise for a pair of high school filmmakers: Vincent Varga and Kurt Harder.
  21. Facets Features interviews their own Customer Service Manager, Jenny Grist, who has been working for the company for a decade. She also answers the burning question: How does Alan Cumming sound in an email?
  22. BadAzz MoFo looks at segregation in cartoons. The Blackstones?
  23. Jessica Oreck has a picture of herself filming the slaughter and skinning of Rudolph. Or, maybe it’s just Dasher.
  24. We all know how we feel about other people talking during a movie in the theater. But what about loud popcorn munchers? Chopping Mall lets us know that offense may make you dead.
  25. Robert Koehler has a very lengthy review of Bela Tarr’s The Turin Horse, which he caught recently at the Berlinale.
  26. Glenn Kenny has several film stills from Jess Franco’s 1974 Lorna The Exorcist. Of course, this being Kenny, they’re mostly seductive stills of the women in the film.
  27. Donna K. makes Akron, OH sound like a pretty happenin’ place.
  28. Not quite film: Joy Yoon on the Huffington Post has details of a show by artist and filmmaker Clare Rojas currently in Los Angeles. Rojas has made videos with Andrew Jeffrey Wright.
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