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Underground Film Links: February 26, 2012

By Mike Everleth ⋅ February 26, 2012

Michael Shannon in Take Shelter

Yes, the Oscars are being held tonite and despite the Underground Film Journal’s predilection towards underground film, we will be watching, red carpet and all. But, if you want to kill time during the commercials, then consider clicking on some extra links below and boning up on non-Oscar film.

  1. This week’s Absolute Must Read is J. J. Murphy’s Best Indie Films of 2011 list and commentary. In general, I rarely read movie reviews, but I find Murphy’s reviews to always be so insightful, educational and entertaining, that I savor every word of them — and you should, too! I’m also 100% with him when he discusses the issues of writing about over-looked and under-appreciated movies. It can be absolutely heartbreaking work, but we do it because we love it. And the other thing about Murphy’s reviews is that they always make me want to run right out and see the movies he’s written about. (P.S. Go read his latest review: Take Shelter.)
  2. This is from back in September, but I missed it then. For Fanzine, Brad Lapin re-published an interview he conducted with George Kuchar way back in 1977. Well, sort of. Apparently, George ended up interviewing himself, but you have to go read the full article to appreciate the context.
  3. For the Criterion website, Ed Halter takes a look at Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s only sci-fi film, 1973’s World on a Wire.
  4. Mark Toscano has a fascinating article on Stan Brakhage’s experiments using 16mm negative film, which were very few and far between.
  5. The Diabolical League of Awesome posted an audio interview with filmmaker Jared Varava in anticipation of his short film Tumbleweed! screening at SXSW. Also, the site A Random Walk Through Film has a short review.
  6. Visitation Rites has a print interview with Underground Film Journal fave Jon Clark, particularly about his new film Spectrum Hunter. Plus, Impose Magazine has a rather lengthy review of the film.
  7. If you didn’t check it out earlier in the week when I posted the trailer, take a look at the site for Jennifer Clary’s debut feature The Silent Thief, another film we hope to be reviewing soon.
  8. Another film website to check out is for the upcoming Junkie, produced and starring actor Daniel Louis Rivas (Altamont Now).
  9. How does a video distributor deal with knowing that his business might be putting the nail in the coffin of a beloved film distributor? Making Light of It posts distributor Pip Chodorov’s thoughts.
  10. The history of toilets in film, courtesy of Electric Sheep.
  11. While most folks like to compare Oscar-nominee The Artist to Singing in the Rain, Bob Moricz takes an opportunity to compare it to Gus Van Sant’s Psycho remake.
  12. Not film: Andrea Grover has a report and tons of pictures from the Intimate Science gallery show she curated, it’s like a science fair for artists.
  13. Not film and not for epileptics: A hypnotic animated gif by Aaron Valdez that we can’t stop looking at.

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