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Underground Film Links: February 19, 2012

By Mike Everleth ⋅ February 19, 2012

Jack Smith restored film still
  1. This is from a few months ago, but is highly relevant: Laura Major of Colorlab wrote an article for Screen Slate about the restoration of the films of Jack Smith, work that began way back in 2010. I also want to note that Laura helped me identify the clips of Smith’s work found in this video put up by the Microscope Gallery. So, thank you Laura — and Colorlab!
  2. It’s been known for awhile that film distributor Canyon Cinema has been in critical condition, but their plight recently made the New York Times in a thorough article, which discusses their need to become a non-profit, an issue that has plagued the group since they founded in the 1960s.
  3. Donna k. launches her Women in Culture interview series with an informative chat with Nancy Gerstman, co-founder of the Zeitgeist Films distribution company.
  4. Robert Maier posted up two absolutely amazing photographs this week. First, the crew and an out-of-drag Divine hang out in the Polyester production office. Then, Mink Stole holds the film slate on the set of Desperate Living. Plus, John Waters’ yearbook photo.
  5. Chicago Art Magazine profiles local animator Jim Trainor, marking him as the anti-Disney.
  6. Gainesville.com posted a preview article of the 8th annual Florida Experimental Film/Video Festival, which is going on this weekend.
  7. Snuff Box Films analyzes the failed Ozploitation revival of a few years ago that only “farted silently out of the media.”
  8. Waylon Bacon’s blogging revival has slightly stalled out thanks to a new job, but his new piece about organizing footage for his upcoming Dad documentary is very engaging.
  9. Cineflyer analyzes Winnipeg’s invasion of the Strange Beauty Film Festival in Durham, North Carolina, which has been going on for the past few days.
  10. Making Light of It has posted up all the covers of the Millennium Film Journal.
  11. While you’re at it, you might want to buy some copies of the Millennium Film Journal yourself to help them out with their own current money woes.
  12. Lots of “Not Underground” posts this week for some reason, beginning with: Mark Evanier writes about the vanishing job of the motion picture theater projectionist — a job I once held many moons ago myself.
  13. Also not underground: John Powers of Rhizome digs deep into the modern concept of Diegetic Cinematography, particularly its use in the mainstream sci-fi film Chronicle. That description may not sound so interesting, but its an incredibly engaging piece.
  14. Professor Chuck Tryon discusses his experience hosting a Move On viewing party of the documentary Inside Job, which sounds like an interesting experience.
  15. Lastly, this is way not underground, but I would bet lots people reading this used to be fans of the old Degrassi High TV show. Well, there’s the sad new about one of the actors, Neil Hope who played “Wheels,” died 5 years ago — and his family never knew until now.