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Underground Film Links: February 13, 2010

By Mike Everleth ⋅ February 13, 2011

Maniac poster

Tomorrow might be Valentine’s Day, but how about showing these great sites some love today?

  1. To start things off on an inappropriately sleazy note: The Phantom of Pulp has several awesome — and one extra incredible — poster for one of my favorite horror movies, Maniac.
  2. “Underground film” means different things all over the world. In China, it just means government-repressed artists just trying to express themselves. Candlelight Stories has the full documentary Digital Underground in the People’s Republic by Rachel Tejada.
  3. Kimberly Chun as a lengthy dip into the current San Francisco experimental film scene on the site Bold Italic.
  4. Not sure what it is recently, but I keep digging up classic Chicago Underground Film Festival info. This week it’s the poster from their 4th edition designed by acclaimed graphic novelist Chris Ware. That’s from 1997 when the special guests were John Waters and Beth B.
  5. Also from Chicago and CUFF: Gapers Block is starting a new short form documentary series called The Grid about Windy City businesses. The first one is about the Market Fisheries and is directed by CUFF alum Ben Kolak.
  6. Chicago, but non-CUFF related: Facets Features profiles documentary giant Kartemquin Films.
  7. Ken Coffelt is the latest victim to get sucked into the world of the Kuchar brothers. Read Ken’s review of It Came From Kuchar.
  8. The Aurora Picture Show has some tips on fighting the good fight: Defending funding for the arts, particularly in Texas.
  9. 28 Days Later Analysis has some notes on the Sasquatch-ploitation hit Nightbeasts, which screened at last year’s Arizona Underground Film Festival.
  10. Then, over on Electric Sheep, Nicola Woodham covers the fun world of classic Nunsploitation.
  11. Call this more-sploitation: Funk Or Die investigates whitesploitation, if there is such a genre.
  12. Mike Rollo posts up some classic VHS company logos. Now that he mentions it, I do kind of miss those cheesy graphics.
  13. Honestly, this is something you don’t read every day: A filmmaker writing candidly about pre-production jitters before their first major shoot. Everybody gets them — and should share them. How else are we all going to learn?
  14. This embedded video conceptual piece by Aaron Valdez is simply amazing. Click ’em all to play at once! It’s the anti-Inception.
  15. Making Light of It sheds some further light on the 1963 experimental film competition in Belgium via a scan of an article written by John Whitney. Jacob didn’t let us know where the article was originally published, however. But, for this Abigail Child article, he did. (Millennium Film Journal #22)
  16. Speaking of the ’60s, Jonas Mekas posted up a scan of a diary entry regarding a 1968 film screening following Martin Luther King’s assassination. (I’m assuming Jonas wrote it up himself.)
  17. Also, Ryan Wells of Cinespect interviews Jonas Mekas.
  18. Donna k. has the full list of stops on the Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then film tour. If your city is on this list: GO!
  19. While researching my post on Canadian experimental filmmaker Richard Kerr yesterday, I found this interesting, lengthy biography of him, which includes info on several films that never got finished.
  20. Also from up north, The Province newspaper profiles filmmaker Mike Holboom about his documentary about his editor Mark Karbusicky, who sadly committed suicide recently.
  21. The Big Sky Documentary Film Festival is going on right now. I recently discovered they also have a really nice blog, as well.
  22. J. J. Murphy’s lastest review: Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench.
  23. Bill Plympton goes to the Annies awards and keys us in to the big controversy behind the scenes. I don’t cover animation that closely, so this was all news to me.
  24. Short of the Week has an interview with Kirby Ferguson, the dude who’s getting all the press for his Everything Is a Remix video series.
  25. Rhizome has photos of artist Eric Yahnker’s piece that printed out the full end credits to the Chuck Norris masterpiece, The Delta Force. Also, what would an online museum look like?
  26. Peaches Christ and Chloris Leachman on stage together. Witness the photographic evidence.
  27. Special thanks to: Garden Worm Productions for including the Underground Film Journal in their blogroll. Not familiar with their film work, but the photography they have on their front page right now is beautiful.

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