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Underground Film Links: February 12, 2012

By Mike Everleth ⋅ February 12, 2012

Motion Picture Purgatory: Playgirl Killer comic strip panel
  1. Motion Picture Purgatory cartoonist Rick Trembles has moved from purgatory and into hell recently thanks to what appears to be a possible illegal eviction by his landlord. A Montreal news station covers the story and interviews Trembles who provides some damning evidence. The turmoil has left Trembles in a bad way, so if there’s any way anyone reading this can throw him some work, he’d appreciate it. Lastly, his latest strip is a review of 1968’s Canuxploitation thriller Playgirl Killer.
  2. Cinemascope gives the true history of the filmmaking via cell phone phenomenon, giving rightful appreciation to Aryan Kaganof’s boundary-breaking SMS Sugar Man.
  3. Heard that oldĀ Underground Film Journal friend Christopher Folino (Gamers) has a new movie in the works called Sparks. Actually, I think it’s nearing completion and you can get a preview of it at its official website. Based on a comic book co-written with William Katt and starring Clancy Brown and Jake Busey.
  4. Recent SXSW-accepted filmmaker Robert G. Putka (Mouthful) was interviewed for and profiled by Connecticut.com. Putka was also interviewed for the WKYC TV news.
  5. Charles Doran’s killer short film Westsider recently received a positive review by Rogue Cinema.
  6. J.J. Murphy’s review of Clay Jeter’s Jess + Moss not only makes me want to see the film, but it makes me pissed off at the Hollywood Reporter at the same time.
  7. Aaron Valdez gives us a sneak preview of the issues surrounding his upcoming installation for the 50th annual Ann Arbor Film Festival.
  8. BadAzz MoFo sets the record straight regarding the (non-)connection between Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song and Shaft.
  9. Cineflyer reprints a 1987 article profiling experimental filmmakers Rick Hancox and Chris Gallagher. Or maybe we shouldn’t call them that.
  10. Peaches Christ has a great series of photos from her recent epic Rocky Horror Picture Show screening that featured Bruce Boxleitner in drag for the first time after 40 or so years.
  11. While John Waters likes to paint a picture that his films were made by happy happenstance, Robert Maier continues to prove the crafty, business-minded planning that went into them.

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