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Underground Film Links: December 4, 2011

By Mike Everleth ⋅ December 4, 2011

Luther Price Inkblot frames

For anybody who’s been checking in periodically: All links are up to date.

  1. Two of the Underground Film Journal’s favorite people — John Waters and Ed Halter — contribute their 2011 Best of film lists to Artforum. Waters picks mostly films that, I believe, would show up on many people’s best of lists, such as The Tree of Life, Uncle Boonmee and the TV movie/miniseries Mildred Pierce. Meanwhile, Halter has a list of experimental film reg’lars, such as Luther Price, Kevin Jerome Everson, Jerome Hiler and more.
  2. The fourth annual Minneapolis Underground Film Festival is wrapping up today and the Minnesota Daily conducted a nice interview with its founder, Greg Yolen, to mark the occasion.
  3. At Crikey, Luke Buckmaster weighs in on the Human Centipede II banning in Australia. Remember, whenever a government bans a movie, an angel cries.
  4. Jessica Oreck continues to list her favorite documentaries. I’ve never heard of High Steel by Don Owen, but the screen grabs that Jessica posted up are stunning.
  5. The Toronto Film Review has some terrific write-ups about some recent experimental film screenings, including one by Ken Jacobs.
  6. I vehemently disagree with the Phantom of Pulp regarding the relentless snooze-fest that is Rampart starring Woody Harrelson, but if you want to read somebody praise it, that’s the place to go.
  7. Then, donna k. reviews Lars von Trier’s Melancholia, which I haven’t seen yet, but hope to soon. P.S. I love being able to pick up on semi-obscure blog post titles.
  8. Speaking of Ed Halter, as we did above, he also wrote about obscure, avant-garde film reviews on the ‘net for the new zine Red Hook. No, not reviews of avant-garde films, but faux reviews that are avant-garde in spirit.
  9. Guy Maddin offers up a money quote regarding the films of Bob Moricz.

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