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Underground Film Links: December 19, 2010

In an effort to mix things up a bit, I’ve tried to do some searching to find random oldies, but goodies. I’ll try to keep doing this in the future so these weekly link roundups don’t start to get stale.

  1. First, I dug up an interesting, older article by longtime underground film writer Fred Camper about the problems naming the avant-garde, experimental, underground, etc. He also comes up with a six-part “test” to determine if a film is underground or not. And, yes, there’s lots of hostility to the term “underground,” but, obviously, it’s what I personally go with.
  2. On the other hand, there’s this cute attempt at underground film history.
  3. Back in 2002, Gary Morris wrote an interesting appraisal of Andy Warhol’s Chelsea Girls for Bright Lights Film Journal.
  4. The Los Angeles Times reports that Charles Manson follower and convicted murderer Bobby Beausoleil, who is now 63, just had his parole denied again. Beausoleil is, of course, also the dude that Kenneth Anger accused of stealing the footage for the original version of Lucifer Rising, but then recruited him to compose the soundtrack for the completed second version.
  5. Speaking of Kenneth Anger, his name popped up in this strange article about the Illuminati, in conjunction with the Church of Satan.
  6. One last quasi-Kenneth Anger piece, Glenn Kenny confuses (intentionally) Anger with director Frank Tashlin. Some amazing images that look very Anger-esque. Also from Kenny, the image he chose for Blake Edwards’ obit made me immediately say awwww.
  7. The Los Angeles Morgue Files discusses the suicide of actress Lupe Velez, which also mentions Andy Warhol’s biopic (sort of) Lupe (1965) starring Edie Sedgwick.
  8. This has never happened to me before: Write a review, give someone an existential crisis.
  9. Film Journal International has a mini-piece on the Australian L.A. Zombie controversy.
  10. J.J. Murphy thinks Aaron Katz did a fine job with his first foray into quasi-genre territory, Cold Weather.
  11. TLA video is hosting a cult short film competition that you can vote in until Dec. 31. I voted for Attackazoids!, of course, but don’t let me sway you. Or do! Attackazoids! kicks ass as I’ve mentioned numerous times on the site.
  12. On APEngine, George Clark offers up a survey of this year’s Views From the Avant-Garde section of the New York Film Festival, along with a deep consideration of what avant-garde actually means today.
  13. The Aurora Picture Show links to numerous interesting title sequences based on a recent video salon at their headquarters by artist Peter Lucas.
  14. Facets Features has some good bio info for under-appreciated Italian filmmaker Marco Bellocchio.
  15. On Art Lies, Caitlin Jones looks at the future of the artist’s studio when that “studio” is just a laptop.
  16. Michael Varrati has a great recap and awesome photos from Peaches Christ’s recent Midnight Mass event featuring the film Christmas Evil, plus a Scary Santa costume contest, a live nativity scene and more.
  17. For Electric Sheep, Neil Mitchell reviews some films at the Cine-City 2010: The Brighton Film Festival, including Flowers of Evil, Patagonia and more.
  18. Congrats to Bill Plympton whose The Cow Who Wanted to be a Hamburger made the Academy animated short film short list.
  19. The blog for the film Americatown, which I haven’t seen but sounds pretty cool, has posted up some choice critics’ quotes.
  20. Like many film organizations, the Anthology Film Archives is putting out an appeal for year-end support.

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