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Underground Film Links: December 18, 2011

Divine and Jerry Stiller in Hairspray

1 more shopping week until Christmas!

  1. Robert Maier wrote a book about working for John Waters and now he’s got a blog with a ton more stories. This article about how Hairspray became a PG-rated movie is extremely fascinating, but go ahead and read through the entire site, too.
  2. Michael Varrati has a wonderful interview up with Lewis Jackson, director of the Christmas cult classic You Better Watch Out aka Christmas Evil. Jackson is very candid about all the horrible things that went wrong making the film and with its distribution. Yet, he still managed to make a masterpiece.
  3. Film Comment posted up their list of the Best Unreleased Movies in 2011 and, of course, they have some underground films on there, like Alex Ross Perry’s The Color Wheel, which screened at this year’s Chicago Underground Film Festival; and experimental features like Nathaniel Dorsky’s The Return, Ken Jacobs’ Seeking the Monkey King, James Benning’s 20 Cigarettes and more.
  4. Speaking of Nathaniel Dorsky, he’s posted up an interview he recently participated in.
  5. BadAzzMofo reviews the documentary Superheroes, directed by Michael Barnett. I agree completely with what BAM has to say.
  6. For Electric Sheep, Alex Fitch interviews on of the Underground Film Journal’s favorite directors, Larry Fessenden, about the political and environmental aspects of his films.
  7. Hammer to Nail reviews Jonas Mekas’ latest, Sleepless Nights Stories. The review’s a slam-dunk, calling the film “warm, funny, and immediately accessible, but also fueled by spirit(s) and melancholy.”
  8. Meanwhile, Indiewire checks in to see how Mekas is able to keep up his busy schedule.
  9. J.J. Murphy reviews the film Green by Sophia Takal that makes the film sound pretty cool, saying the film “has the feel of a sharp spike rammed into an unsuspecting heart.”
  10. Carlos Atanes says he’s 25% done with his current in-production feature Gallino, the Chicken System and extolls the process of making the film in bits and pieces.
  11. Jack Sargeant defends the movie Human Centipede 2 in light of Australia’s recent banning of the film.

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