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Underground Film Links: December 12, 2010

By Mike Everleth ⋅ December 12, 2010

  1. So, the Smithsonian kicked out a video piece by late artist David Wojnarowicz called A Fire in My Belly out of an exhibit because some alleged “Christians” complained about images of Jesus in it. (Wojnarowicz was part of the Cinema of Transgression movement.) The Huffington Post has a good rundown on the controversy and who’s been showing the video in protest of the protest.
  2. This week I was introduced to the website of filmmaker/author Shade Rupe, who helped me out with my Chicago Underground Film Festival post the other day. He’s written about a ton of interesting stuff, some of which you can read online or purchase.
  3. Speaking of the Chicago Underground Film Festival, the Columbia Chronicle has an excellent and thorough piece on the fest, including lots of choice quotes from fest director Bryan Wendorf and others.
  4. A couple months ago I posted up Andrea Grover’s request for artists to create something to sit on her desk during her residency at Carnegie Mellon. Well, now you can see what people sent her. I want the little eyeball telescope thing.
  5. Chris Hallock at All Things Horror gives a super rave review to Matthew Garrett’s short film Beating Hearts.
  6. The Wall Street Journal, of all places, ran a long piece about experimental animator Mary Ellen Bute in honor of her recent retrospective at the Anthology Film Archives.
  7. After returning from a film festival in Trinidad and Tobogo, what does Bill Plympton do? Goes to Moscow, of course, where he’s mobbed like the superstar he is. Plus, he has time to review some animated films, like Megamind and Return to Neverland.
  8. How do we know Jonas Mekas is an artist? Because he has the paperwork to prove it. Literally! Plus, video of Jonas’ remarks at Rob Pruitt’s 2010 Art Awards.
  9. On Electric Sheep, Virginie Sélavy interviews Serbian filmmaker Srdjan Spasojevic about the controversies over his film A Serbian Film.
  10. Meanwhile, the Phantom of Pulp gives a rave review to another Serbian film, Life and Death of a Porno Gang. Plus, chimes in on the L.A. Zombie / Richard Wolstencroft fiasco and pegs it as election year pandering.
  11. I’ve only listened to a few sporadic podcasts, but I still greatly feel Mike White’s pain. White also answers another burning question: Yes, the world needs more film books; and please help out with this project if you can.
  12. Showcasing his mad Photoshop skillz, Jay Hollinsworth makes some movie posters for songs. Seriously, these look awesome.
  13. Amir George shares a one-minute film, This Past Summer.
  14. BadAzz MoFo takes a look back at a lost blaxploitation classic, Death of a Snowman. Ok, maybe “classic” is too strong of a word.
  15. Jessica Oreck discusses one unforseen problem of shooting your documentary overseas — shipping the footage back! Luckily, it seems like everything worked out.
  16. Via Film Studies for Free, I learned there’s a new film journal online called Media Fields Journal, whose first “issue” is devoted to video stores.
  17. On Facets Features, Gregory Hess is back with another VHS tape report, this time on a little known David Mamet-scripted TV movie called The Water Engine. Plus, a new Facets feature: Interviews with their employees, starting with Miguel Martinez.
  18. Speaking of video stores and VHS, via Ed Halter, I found this virtual museum of vintage VCRs.
  19. On the Gravity tour, donna k. is in love with Oregon and lets us know about the Cinema Pacific festival.

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