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Underground Film Links: December 11, 2011

By Mike Everleth ⋅ December 11, 2011

One + One Filmmakers Journal 7 cover

Doing something a bit different for this links installment. All links below are to the articles found in the 7th issue of the One+One Filmmakers Journal, the British political film e-zine.

  1. Editor Bradley Tuck starts things off with a poetic introduction about One+One’s goals.
  2. Diamuid Hester examines the anarchist leanings found in the films of Jacques Tati, particularly in his third feature Mon Oncle.
  3. Donna k. compares the films of Brent Green to the Epic Theater of Bertolt Brecht. As a fan of both Green and Brecht myself, but not having made the connection before, I found this fascinating.
  4. Treasa O’Brien interviews Marcel Schwierin, co-curator of the “Shooting Animals” programme at the 2011 Oberhausen Short Film Festival, which examined how humans and animals communicate with each other.
  5. Greg Scorzo analyzes the levels of violence in Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange and challenges the notion that the film is about man’s Free Will.
  6. Clara Pais pays tribute to the recently deceased George Kuchar.

That’s it for the articles, but if you want a print copy of One+One, you can download the PDF version of the zine.

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