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Underground Film Links: August 7, 2011

By Mike Everleth ⋅ August 7, 2011

Portrait of Jason movie poster

This is the full list of Underground Film Links for today:

  1. Triple Canopy has compiled an interactive profile of Jason Holiday, the star of Shirley Clarke’s classic underground film Portrait of Jason. They have an excerpt from the film, a press blurb written by Allen Ginsburg, ad mats, behind-the-scenes reminiscences and more.
  2. Winnipeg animator Leslie Supnet, whom we love, has totally redesigned her personal filmmaker site into a WordPress blog. Go read it, look at her art, bookmark it and subscribe to its feed.
  3. Speaking of redesigns: I don’t know when this happened, but Experimental Cinema has a newer, sleeker look. Check it out if you haven’t seen the site in awhile.
  4. Mike Rollo has posted some lovely stills from his new film in progress, The Broken Altar.
  5. Camouflage Lenses wants you to sample the work of Cosmotropia de Xam, who makes short tributes to ’70s horror flicks.
  6. Bob Moricz explains his Limbo Method for making films, such as the upcoming, greatly titled Death Doesn’t Hide Her Panties.
  7. Bill Plympton posits the following, fascinating question: Can computer animators actually draw? He gives one example where the answer is “No.”
  8. This is a somewhat meandering article on exploitation’s worst excesses, but still contains some good ideas.
  9. Say hello to the Aurora Picture Show’s new Membership and Administrative Associate, Sinai Tirado.
  10. Donna k. takes through a tour of the Tate Modern in London.
  11. Rupert has a ton of great lines in his recent rant against encouraging people to make media solely for the fame and fortune. Although, mostly fortune. Example: “it is about creating content that should exist for the stimulation of our human psyche.”
  12. Not quite film related: Rhizome has published a paper on their methods of archiving digital artwork, which can disappear from the web quite suddenly and quickly. I haven’t read the actual paper, but the accompanying article is quite fascinating.
  13. Canyon Cinema posted up a ton of news the other day: The films of Jay Rosenblatt is now on sale on DVD and new films on 16mm by Bruce Conner, and two by Robert Schaller: Mountain Home and Under the Shadow of Marcos Mountain.
  14. The Phantom of Pulp has a really cute story about encountering culture at an early age, which isn’t something you normally expect from him.
  15. Salise Hughes documents a neat, temporary outdoor art exhibit she was a part of and will become part of a new film.

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