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Underground Film Links: August 21, 2011

By Mike Everleth ⋅ August 21, 2011

Slavko Vorkapitch and Nathaniel Dorsky, 1965
  1. Dorsky’s done it again! Just like last week — but even more so! — this week’s Absolute Must Read is Nathaniel Dorsky’s remembrance of living the avant-garde film life in NYC in the late ’60s. Adventures include hanging out with Stan Brakhage and Naomi Levine, going to the deli with Slavko Vorkapich, projecting films with Jerome Hiller and many other impossibly cool things.
  2. The New York Times published an official obit for Robert Breer, which has several pieces of personal bio info not otherwise found online.
  3. Also, Yoel Miranda has a very personal remembrance of Breer.
  4. So, what’s it like to intern at a major independent film festival? Rooftop Films intern Sheila Maria Lobo lets us know.
  5. By the way: Donna k. lets us know that film festivals, in general, are fabulous.
  6. South Australia has banned A Serbian Film. Man, that country is so uptight.
  7. Speaking of which, the Herald Sun discusses A Serbian Film in anticipation of it screening at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival.
  8. Beat magazine has an article / interview with Boyd Rice, the subject of Larry Wessel’s epic documentary Iconoclast, also screening at MUFF.
  9. At Candlelight Stories, Alessandro Cima thinks David Vaipan’s Seizure is one of the “most magnificent” movies he’s seen in years — and you can go watch it at that site.
  10. Robert Koehler has assembled a list of the 53 movies he’s seen at this year’s Locarno, placed in order of preference, starting with Alessandro Comodin’s L’estate di Giacomo/Summer of Giacomo and ending with Vincent Minelli’s Some Came Running.
  11. Patrick Smith posted up a ton of pictures from last week’s Festival of Drawn Animation. Also, Bill Plympton rags on the CGI-animated film Cars 2.
  12. IndieWIRE interviews filmmaker Michael Galinsky about his awesome documentary Battle of Brooklyn.
  13. Filmmaker Nathan Wrann has self-published the sci-fi / horror novel Europa, co-written with Heidi Fuqua.
  14. Editing superstar Don Swaynos clues us in on the status of several projects he’s working on.
  15. Landscape Suicide has some interesting notes on the subject of mechanical reproduction and it’s effect on art, money and society.
  16. Jessica Oreck has decided to start blogging about her Top 50 favorite documentaries. Her first one? David Attenborough’s Private Life of Plants.
  17. Electric Sheep previews the 2011 London International Animation Festival.
  18. The Underwire Festival, which celebrates women in film, is also looking for great women film journalists.
  19. This is TV, not film: The Phantom of Pulp can’t say enough good things about the outrageously satiric series Angry Boys out of Australia. So, maybe that country is loosening up a bit?

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