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Underground Film Links: August 15, 2010

By Mike Everleth ⋅ August 15, 2010

Well, this is an exciting week for links! I’ve stumbled upon or have been directed to several new sources from which to pull from. Is the underground film blogging boom not far away? This is one of the longer links posts I’ve done.

  1. First up isn’t exactly an underground film site per se. It’s  Catherine Grant’s phenomenal Film Studies for Free who puts up encyclopedia-sized links posts that make my weekly compilations seem sad and pathetic by comparison. Semi-underground related, Grant recently posted up 12 videos from a David Lynch symposium that took place back in ’09 at the Tate Modern. Add this site to your RSS reader. I did.
  2. Making Light of It has recommended a resurrected blog that I’ve never seen before: Watermelon Rinds by Ekrem Serdar. In his most recent post, Serdar tries to gather some thoughts and ideas on Robert Breer and Keewatin Dewdney. Add this one to your reader, too.
  3. Pictures, the official blog of the underground film zine, has been around awhile, but it’s new to me. It came to me when this interview with Gary Sykes popped up in my reader. I’ll be reading from now on, too.
  4. Oh, and over on his own site, Jacob W. of MLoI scans in Penny Arcade’s article The Last Days and Last Moments of Jack Smith from Film Culture. Plus, Nathaniel Dorsky on the grouping of his films.
  5. Jonathan Rosenbaum recently posted up a 2004 tribute to Simon Field upon Field’s departure from his Artistic Director post at the Rotterdam International Film Festival. The tribute also includes a write-up of the then-recently found first version of John Cassavetes’ Shadows, especially focusing on Charles Mingus’ score.
  6. The 2nd annual Arkansas Underground Film Festival is going on this weekend and the Arkansas Times ran a preview article called “Weird Film.” Ah, we’ve been called worse thing. Oh, and there was a bit of a dust up regarding their lineup on the Underground Film Journal if you missed the comments. (Scroll down.)
  7. I’m going to get the Melbourne Underground Film Festival lineup up soon, but in the meantime Richard Wolstencroft has boldly announced he’s going to screen the gay porn film L.A. Zombie in defiance of Australian censors, who are really strict down there.
  8. On Peaches Christ’s site, Michael Varrati wants you to know all about Paul Morrissey.
  9. Speaking of irritating censors, Chopping Mall sees if Abel Ferrara’s Driller Killer lives up to its notorious reputation in England. I have to say I 100% disagree with their assessment/review, but it’s a really good article to read.
  10. The Arizona State University Art Museum website has a nice piece up on Brent Green who will be holding an artist-in-residence position there Aug. 3 to Sep. 3. Then, from Sep. 4 to Dec. 4, the museum will display the full house Green built for his amazing live-action animated film Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then.
  11. Speaking of Gravity, donna k. has another report from a screening at the RagTag Cinema in Columbia, MO. Nice place.
  12. What does 2,000 hours of video footage look like? Jonas Mekas shows us. Then, click around his site and watch some it.
  13. Via Experimental Cinema, A.A. Dowd takes a break from serious film journalism — or, as he calls it being a “publicist” — and has written a very lengthy dissection on the films of Saul Levine, which is hopefully the first in a serious of “pro bono” work by him.
  14. William R. Colby of Killing Boxx gives a very nice review to Christopher Hansen’s second feature, Endings, which will be screening later this month at the Atlanta Underground Film Festival.
  15. Turn up your volume, the website VFX Filmmaker has a 24 minute audio interview with animator Bill Plympton. You can listen on the site or download in a handy MP3 format. I haven’t listened to it myself yet, but Bill’s the best.
  16. Want to see Bob Moricz’s new work set-up?
  17. Helping Michelangelo Antonio got me arrested” and other awful stories from China’s Cultural Revolution, plus disturbing accompanying images, from Landscape Suicide.
  18. Jay Hollinsworth tells us about the Silver Jews music video that could have been. Shame it never came to fruition as Jay’s a really good music video director.
  19. Filmmaker Nathan Wrann muses on coincidences and Antietam.
  20. Jennifer Oreck on a terrifying drive through Slovakia. With video!
  21. DINCA posts up a filmstrip from Bruce Baillie’s All My Life.
  22. George Kuchar returned to Boston recently for another screening retrospective and the Boston Globe put up a nice primer on the legendary filmmaker.
  23. Not film: Patrick Smith shares some really freaky looking moving graffiti by INSA.
  24. Not underground: Glenn Kenny tells us what film journalists do when work dries up. Actually, learning the private lives of writers like Kenny is instructive. I’ve already said I have a temp job at the American Film Institute. Also from Kenny, Buñuel on Keaton.

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