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Underground Film Links: August 12, 2012

By Mike Everleth ⋅ August 12, 2012

Street of Crocodiles puppets film still

Ah, the dog days of summer. Links a’slowin’ down:

  1. For this week’s Must Read, for Fandor, Jonathan Marlow interviews the usually very reticent Quay Brothers, divulging all kinds of details about their entire career, from their early days working as dishwashers in Philadelphia all the way up to their latest feature Piano Tuner of Earthquakes. (The image above, taken from the article, is of the Quay’s Street of Crocodiles.)
  2. The Brisbane Underground Film Festival muses on the notion of “forgiveness” in film, from Todd Solondz’s Storytelling to Lee Dong-Chang’s Secret Sunshine and more.
  3. Radio Mysterioso conducted an awesome podcast with Damon Packard regarding his new film about alien abduction/visitation theories, Foxfur. (One tip: The podcast player doesn’t show up for me on this page, so you might have to click through to the homepage to actually listen. Well worth finding it!)
  4. Alfred Eaker continues his Doris Wishman lovefest, tackling 1970’s The Amazing Transplant. And it’s not a heart transplant the film is about.
  5. Filmmaker Brent Green has been fairly quiet online lately, but he’s posted some updates of what he’s up to.
  6. BadAzz MoFo has the French poster for Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Yum!
  7. Meanwhile, Temple of Schlock has the ad mat for Lolly-Madonna XXX, although the film’s not quite what you’d think from the title.
  8. J.J. Murphy raves over the summer indie hit Beasts of the Southern Wild, describing “the politics of the film are a curious mixture of anarchism, subcultural resistance, and what could easily be interpreted as a Tea Party-like hostility toward government.”

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