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Underground Film Links: April 8, 2012

By Mike Everleth ⋅ April 8, 2012

Mind Control Made Easy film still

The Easter Bunny loves you. Some great eggs below:

  1. This Week’s Must Read: Jack Sargeant with a really great, detailed piece on the career of New York underground filmmaker Carey Burtt. I mentioned recently on the Underground Film Journal’s Facebook page that Burtt hasn’t gotten enough love and appreciation for his films that he deserves, so this article warmed our cold little hearts immensely. (Image above from Burtt’s classic Mind Control Made Easy.)
  2. Frieze has a report on a fairly recently unearthed, previously lost 8mm film by Rudolf Schwarzkogler of the Viennese Actionist art movement, which sheds much needed light on the working process of the filmmaker who passed away in 1969. (P.S. Mr. Sargeant tipped us off to this article, as well.)
  3. Rick Trembles has cast another very obscure flick, the 1971 experimental sex farce The Telephone Book, into Motion Picture Purgatory. The film features appearances by Warhol superstars Ondine and Ultra Violet.
  4. DINCA has photos from the 50th Ann Arbor Film Festival.
  5. Also, Aaron Valdez has some great photos from the installation he made for the 50th AAFF.
  6. Cleveland.com catches up with local boy made good, Robert Putka, after screening Mouthful at SXSW and winning an award at the Boston Underground.
  7. Also from BUFF, All Things Horror reviews Richard Bates Jr.’s feature-length version of Excision, calling it, among other things, “brilliant.” P.S. Love the review’s title.
  8. Love Godard? Then Film Studies for Free has quite a few links to interest you on the man, the filmmaker and the legend.
  9. Making Light of It has scanned up some transcripts of lectures given by Hollis Frampton.
  10. Donna k. gushes over some Chicago animators. Although, we forgive her for not name-dropping our fave, Lisa Barcy. Plus, is Chicago the L.A. of the Midwest?
  11. Landscape Suicide has an excerpt from Simon Hartog’s polemic inspired by Lindsay Anderson’s if….
  12. If you were wondering what Finnish cult movies you might enjoy are, then The Last Movieblog has some suggestions.
  13. Anthony Kaufman thinks he knows why distributors are hesitant to release VOD numbers. Don’t they just do that so they don’t have to pay filmmakers too much for their films?
  14. Not underground: Sweet painted movie poster by comic book artist Gray Morrow for John Russo’s 1982 horror flick Midnight.

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