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Underground Film Links: April 4, 2010

By Mike Everleth ⋅ April 4, 2010

Since I declared 2010 to be Year of the Underground Film Loop, I’ve decided to try to start doing link round-up posts of interesting stuff found on other underground film websites — and related content on other sites that might prove interesting to an underground film audience. Hopefully, I can keep this up as a series, but for now here’s some nice links for you that I’ve encountered the past few weeks:

  1. Matthew Flanagan has put up a very beautiful series of stills captured from Jonas Mekas’ Walden DVD. (Which I sadly still have to get.) You can scan through the series here.
  2. In a somewhat different vein, filmmaker Bob Moricz is threatening to re-watch every Friday the 13th film ever made and post up his thoughts. I’m a fan of that franchise — as lame as most of the films are — so Moricz’s series is interesting to me. But, beyond that, it’s a very personal, illuminating series of posts as Moricz really gets into his own personal history of growing up as an outsider. So, far he’s gotten through Part One, Part Two and Part Three.
  3. Jacob W. of Making Light of It recently attended the latest annual Brakhage Symposium at the University of Colorado, which consisted of “two programs of differing approaches stretched across three lengthy yet wondrous days, one by Ed Halter and the other by Christina Battle and Jennifer Peterson.” Read Jacob’s full, enthusiastic recap here.
  4. Speaking of Ed Halter, Vague Terrain has reprinted an essay of his on the nature of 8-bit electronic art and how it figures into the history of “digital materialism” in avant-garde film.
  5. Over at INCITE!, they’re been continuing their wonderful monthly interview series “back & forth.” In March, Winnipeg experimental filmmaker Clint Enns interviewed Swedish media artist Anders Weberg.
  6. And speaking of Winnipeg, cineflyer has posted up photographs at a new outdoor screening series that began on March 26. Looks freakin’ cold.
  7. Last, but not least, the always insightful j.j. murphy reviews the indie film Daddy Long Legs, directed by Josh Safdie and starring Ron Brownstein.

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