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Underground Film Links: April 3, 2011

By Mike Everleth ⋅ April 3, 2011

Boston Underground Film Festival

The Boston Underground Film Festival wrapped up just a couple of days ago, so reports and reviews from the fest have been pouring in. Our first couple of links take us deep into the world of BUFF madness:

  1. First up, The Horror Digest reviews Lucky McKee’s The Woman.
  2. The Whore Church has lots of photos from BUFF parties. I can name most of the peeps in the last photo, in case somebody needs to be blackmailed, or something.
  3. The Geekery checked out the films in BUFF’s Future Imperfect short film lineup and was partial to a trio of them: Get With the Program, Spark and The Third Letter.
  4. Screw Films was excited that their Change to Me screened at BUFF.
  5. BUFF juror Tim Jackson, who sounds perplexed to have been asked to serve, writes up some of the films he screened, including Profane and The Beast Pageant.
  6. Jason Seaver has several BUFF reviews, including opening night film Hobo With a Shotgun; and Machete Maidens Unleashed and The Twilight People.
  7. The Dead Inside rounded up some social media reactions to the film after its BUFF screening.
  8. Toronto’s massive Images Festival is in full swing this week and Eye Weekly has a couple of highlights, including an in-depth review of the opening night film Rivers and My Father by Luo Li.
  9. So, you may have read about Canyon Cinema’s recent problems. One way to help them out might be to buy or rent some of their recent DVD releases, including ones for Barry Hershey, Gordon Ball and Gunvor Nelson.
  10. For The Lazarus Corporation, Michael Kemp reviews Jeff Keen’s three-screen epic Artwar: The Full Impact. Sounds absolutely amazing.
  11. Mike’s Bloggity Blog is proud to announce that it’s sponsoring a film at this year’s Calgary Underground Film Festival: Tucker and Dale vs. Evil.
  12. NYC’s Anthology Film Archives is planning a massive $12 million extension, but sadly the architect of it, Raimund Abraham, passed away last month. There’s a memorial tonight at Cooper Union for him.
  13. Art in America ran a very nice, lengthy interview with superstar animator Martha Colburn.
  14. The Online Film Critics Society, of which I’m a member, just elected three new members to the Governing Committee: Bill Gibron, Wesley Lovell and Pablo Villaça, all of whom I voted for, incidentally. The Underground Film Journal backs winners. Congrats to them!
  15. Chopping Mall wraps up its recent Dario Argento blog series with a review of a recent screening of Suspiria, except it was an edited version that was screened. I HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS!
  16. Do women prefer psychological horror? Jennifer Eiss investigates for Electric Sheep. Also, Alex Fitch goes after a topic very dear to my heart: The many lives, loves and torments of Laurie Strode. However, implying that H20 is a good film goes a little too far.
  17. Bob Moricz has a fun set report with lots of photos from his current project Felony Flats.
  18. Jonas Mekas recently debuted his film Sleepless Nights Stories in Paris. And he posted up an editorial he wrote for the New York Times back in 1990.
  19. Also congrats to the Underground Film Journal pal Jay Hollinsworth for landing a big gig: Directing a Foo Fighters music video.
  20. Cineflyer covers the controversy over L’Atelier national du Manitoba’s skewed hockey history lesson of the Winnipeg Jets, Death By Popcorn.
  21. S.F. filmmakers Waylon Bacon and Nara Denning rented a table at this weekend’s Wonder-Con. I like the idea of underground-ers renting space at conventions, which I don’t hear of too much of.
  22. However, on that note, Mike White recently attended the HorrorHound Convention and has a write-up.

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