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Underground Film Links: April 25, 2010

By Mike Everleth ⋅ April 25, 2010

So, with this week, I’m thinking up and trying to implement new ways to pull links from more diverse sources, so that I’m not just linking to the same types of posts. Although some of my “regulars” are posting consistently interesting things, too. Let’s start mixing it up!

  1. You might have to register for these, but first here’s a classic review from the 1975 New York Times by Richard Eder for a re-release of Robert Frank and Alfred Leslie’s Pull My Daisy, the notorious 1959 Beat film. Then, more recently, Dave Itzkoff interviews Chuck Workman, the director of Visionaries, a documentary about Jonas Mekas and the history of avant-garde film.
  2. The site Guest of a Guest also reviews Visionaries and includes an early — and I mean early — acting clip of Robert Downey Jr. in one of his dad’s films.
  3. Another blast from the past, Making Light of It has posted a 1973 Film Culture interview with avant-garde animator Robert Breer conducted by Jonas Mekas and P. Adams Sitney.
  4. Suzi Osborn posts up some choice quotes about the formation of the Fluxus art movement, particularly one from Nam June Paik about how Fluxus mastermind George Maciunas was influenced by his good friend Jonas Mekas.
  5. The French-language Tahdah! blog writes a brief review of the seminal Flaming Creatures, which they saw for the very first time recently. If you want to read a bastardized translation of the review, here’s the Babelfish-ed Engligh version.
  6. Facets Features found a trippy 1947 collaboration between John Cage and Marcel Duchamp, Dreams That Money Can Buy.
  7. Ever wonder what it’d be like to be in a George Kuchar underground film? Bob Moricz describes being gleefully pulled into a simulated orgy.
  8. Congrats to Underground Film Journal friend Brian Lonano for getting his 8Bit Ghost Hop embedded on the popular cult film site Twitch. That site also reviews Life and Death of a Porno Gang, which screened at the Boston Underground Film Festival last month — although they review an Imagine Film Festival screening.
  9. Migrating Forms’ Kevin McGarry gives an overview and review of the 2010 International Experimental Media Congress that was held recently at the Images Festival.
  10. DINCA turns the tables on Netherlands artist Rafaël Rozendaal and asks him one question.
  11. Not quite underground, but Chained to the Cinémathèque has some great images from Jean-Luc Godard’s latest, Socialisme, which will be screening at the 2010 Cannes.
  12. Also not underground, Glenn Kenny rightfully goes ga-ga over Metropolis, a newly restored version of which will be screening at NYC’s Film Forum in May.

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