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Underground Film Links: April 24, 2011

Ultra brief edition this week. Sorry, folks, but a move in my personal life has prevented me from writing much lately. However, this first link just about makes up for it, in my opinion:

  1. This week’s Must Look: Thanks to Aaron Valdez, Sid Caesar’s pelvic thrusts are the most disturbing thing I’ve just about ever seen.
  2. Congrats to the Boston Underground Film Festival for being picked Best Buffet Film Festival by the Boston Phoenix newspaper. The Phoenix says: “a refreshing event that acknowledges the beauty of underground cinema.” I usually just say BUFF effin’ rocks, but same thing.
  3. Anthology Film Archives will be celebrating its 40th anniversary on April 27. They could use your help.
  4. Robert Putka released the first behind-the-scenes photo from his upcoming film Mouthful.
  5. Professor Tryon has a couple more review from the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, including ones for The Interrupters and Page One.
  6. Everything you ever wanted to know about Paul Naschy.

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