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Underground Film Links: April 22, 2012

By Mike Everleth ⋅ April 22, 2012

Lurid mens magazine cover with Jack Nicholson
  1. This week’s Must Read isn’t about underground film at all, but it’s absolutely fascinating reading. Potrzebie has Tom Conroy’s wonderful memoir about providing movie stills to lurid men’s magazines back in the ’60s and ’70s. If you like a good story about sleaze, drug use, questionable business practices and more, then you gotta check this one out. (P.S. Can you pick out Jack Nicholson on the above cover?)
  2. This is great news! A documentary filmmaker actually sued the IRS and won! Filmmaker Magazine recaps the “documentary filmmaking is not a hobby” case fought by Lee Storey.
  3. Movie reviewer cartoonist Rick Trembles takes on Ron Mann’s documentary Tales of the Rat Fink in a Motion Picture Purgatory strip that gives a good, concise background on artist Ed Roth in its own right.
  4. Swerve Calgary interviews Found Footage Film Festival curator Nick Prueher on the occasion of FFFF hosting a screening at the Calgary Underground Film Festival.
  5. Also from CUFF, the Calgary Herald chats with John Waters about his waning filmmaking career and his evil influence on teenage girls.
  6. Meanwhile, Robert Maier has a scan of an old envelope from Divine to John Waters.
  7. The Boston Underground Film Festival reviews keep trickling in: All Things Horror tackles the Kevin Corrigan-starring Some Guy Who Kills People.
  8. David Bordwell runs down a list of new film books to look out for, especially J.J. Murphy’s The Black Hole of the Camera: The Films of Andy Warhol, which we’re dying to read here at the Underground Film Journal. Plus, Wheeler Winston Dixon, who’s written and edited some pretty awesome books himself, also positively reviews Murphy’s book.
  9. The Onion’s A.V. Club has an insanely in-depth interview with animator Don Hertzfeldt. Plus, Bill Plympton has the scoop on a screening of Hertzfeldt’s work in NYC that he MC’ed.
  10. You may have already seen the¬†Underground Film Journal promoting this on Facebook, but filmmaker Marina Lutz has started up what we think is an awesome new business: A non-union talent agency for weirdos, freaks, geeks and other oddballs called Nutjobs. If you’re one of those kinds of people/performers, get in touch to score some work.
  11. Chopping Mall reviews the first Cuban zombie movie Juan of the Dead and thinks its a lot of fun. Sounds it.
  12. Waylon Bacon recaps his triumphant homecoming at the Albany Film Festival, with pictures.
  13. Electric Sheep has a roundup of this year’s Flatpack Festival in Birmingham, UK, which featured magic lantern shows and other unique projected image performances.
  14. The Pictures interviews Super 8 filmmaker Emmaalouise Smith.
  15. Not film: Donna k. muses on the current state of modern art and how people respond to it.

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