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Underground Film Links: April 17, 2011

Cul De Sac: A Suburban War Story
  1. This week’s Absolute Must Read: Ian Olds has a long and touching remembrance of helping the late Garrett Scott make the documentary Cul de Sac, one of the greatest, little-seen documentaries ever made. Read and learn how genius comes together. It’s not an easy or pretty process.
  2. The second Absolute Must Read: Filmmaker Jennifer Reeves is thankful to be alive and ambulatory after being struck by a car. Send good wishes her way.
  3. Simple, but really cool: Phil Solomon posts up a film loop of about 4 frames that Stan Brakhage once gave him. Click Phil’s tiny image to get the embiggened version, which is quite astounding looking.
  4. The S.F. Weekly has a brief preview of this week’s ATA Film & Video Festival retrospective at the Roxie. The Weekly calls it “a killer selection of experimental works,” with which I have to agree!
  5. While the 2011 San Francisco Underground Short Film Festival has already come and gone, Kevin Thomas has a great preview interview with the fest’s host, Peaches Christ.
  6. The Calgary Underground Film Festival ends today, but the site Swerve Calgary had a list of 5 screenings that, by now, you should have gone to.
  7. On indieWIRE, Marie Losier expounds on why she made her hit documentary The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye, which will be screening at the Tribeca Film Festival next.
  8. Jason Seaver continues to post reviews of the Boston Underground Film Festival, this time including Son of God, Atomic Brain Invasion and The Dead Inside.
  9. Cineflyer reprints a piece from 2003 that covers the feud between Deco Dawson and Guy Maddin, over crediting on two films the filmmakers collaborated on. (Think Tarantino vs. Avery.) Plus, from 2007, filmmaker Solomon Nagler expounds on his hometown of Winnipeg.
  10. Landscape Suicide has Pedro Costa’s thoughts on the sensuality of B&W, along with the still frames to prove it.
  11. Spanish underground auteur Carlos Atanes finds proof that much of his Maximum Shame could actually happen. Go science!
  12. For the New York Times, Eric Kohn interviews indie horror auteur and mentor Larry Fessenden. Larry gives some good general advice to all horror filmmakers in the piece.
  13. Also in the Times, was Oskar Fischinger a secret inspiration for Woody Woodpecker cartoons? Well, one Woody animator, Shamus Culhane, liked to work in nods to experimental films into his work.
  14. Rhizome announced some big news: Senior Editor Ceci Moss is stepping down from her post and Joanne McNeill is taking over beginning in May. Good luck to everybody!
  15. At the House Next Door, Bradford Nordeen reviews the tempestuous career of Jack Smith, in light of a retrospective of his work this month in NYC.
  16. Michael Varrati thinks you should know filmmaker Mark Pirro, whom I had never heard of before.
  17. Once again Chuck Tryon is attending the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in force. Some reviews so far: Guilty Pleasures, Gun Fight and The Loving Story.
  18. What should a true “militant cinema” look like? Chained to the Cinémathèque shares some thoughts on the subject by Serge Daney.
  19. Aaron Valdez takes a trip to the Pill Man. (WARNING: Extra freaky animated gif contained.)
  20. Maybe one can’t dance to architecture, but an architect can find inspiration in the films of Jonas Mekas.
  21. Sounds like Bill Plympton had a good time at his special Battle of the Sexes show with Signe Baumane. Plus, a glimpse of the upcoming epic Tiffany the Whale.
  22. Important lesson of the day: Don’t go visit the cheese factory and leave Bob Moricz alone in your beach house.
  23. And if you have video on Google Video that you want back — You better grab it by May 13!

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