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Underground Film Links: April 11, 2010

By Mike Everleth ⋅ April 11, 2010

The Underground Film Journal’s inaugural Underground Film Links post last week proved to be pretty popular, so here’s a second edition with hopes to keep it going:

  1. In case you missed it, Jonas Mekas has a spiffy new website after splitting with the Stedhal Gallery last year. His old website is now completely dead. The new site has an RSS feed and he’s already put up a couple blog posts already with video clips. It’s a really nice site befitting the man and his work. Bookmark or subscribe!
  2. Also in case you missed it, I’ve made the Jonas Mekas entry on my own Underground Film Guide much more detailed with tons of links, book and DVD references and a YouTube video player with lots of videos. If I missed something that should be included — and I’m sure I have, feel free to let me know.
  3. Not sure when the One+One: The Filmmakers Journal was officially launched, but you need to go check out the first issue, in either HTML or handy PDF form. There’s another nice article on Jonas over there and several other fascinating pieces. Always glad to see a new artistic film site out there!
  4. Movie of the week appears to be It Came From Kuchar!, Jennifer M. Kroot’s hit documentary on the legendary underground filmmaking brothers, George and Mike Kuchar. The film’s been on the festival circuit for the past few months, but just recently it won the Best of Fest Documentary award at the Boston Underground Film Festival, then Kroot was interviewed by Filmmaker Magazine and the film was even reviewed by the New York Times. If you happen to live in NYC, go see the film during a week-long run at the Anthology Film Archives.
  5. The film blog Night in the Lens — a site I haven’t seen before — has an article on Scottish filmmaker and poet Margaret Tait, whom I’m not familiar with. But blog author Chai Walla compares her work to Jonas Mekas and Marie Menken.
  6. Underground filmmaker Bob Moricz continues his reviews-slash-autobiographical essays regarding the indomitable Friday the 13th horror franchise. He’s up to Part 4, aka The Final Chapter, the second best film in the series. Even if you’re not into the films, Moricz’s personal stories are highly engaging and worth reading.
  7. Light Industry co-founder Ed Halter subjects himself to a One Question Interview.
  8. Meanwhile, Light Industry’s address, 177 Livingston, gets its own profile at Paper Mag, which includes a quote by the other co-founder Thomas Beard.
  9. On DINCA, Andrew Rosinski embeds and writes-up Richard Kerr’s short film Action: Study.
  10. On Making Light of It, Jacob W. takes a cue from filmmaker Carl Brown and takes a look at the paintings of Monet.
  11. The Calgary Underground Film Festival starts tomorrow and artist Seth Nehil gives a preview of John Grzinich’s experimental feature Sound Aspects of Material Elements, which is screening on April 17 at the fest.
  12. In case I don’t get to do a full screening post on this: On April 12 at NYC’s IFC Center, animator Bill Plympton will be showing a selection of “dirty” cartoons.
  13. Lastly, I thought this was really cool to look at. Rhizome put up a brief clip of an art installation called Horizont by Stas Chepurnov that features a horizon and a rotating flat-screen TV. That description doesn’t do the piece justice.

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