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Underground Film Links: April 10, 2011

By Mike Everleth ⋅ April 10, 2011

One Plus One Filmmakers Journal
  1. The new issue (#6) of One+One: The Filmmakers Journal is now out with articles on the Zeitgeist Movement, Imperfect Cinema, Exploding Cinema and offers a filmmaking challenge. Oh, and Mary Poppins.
  2. Not sure how much longer these are going to be up, but you can watch some experimental shorts from the Images Festival on MUBI for free.
  3. The Lunch Movie recaps some of the wonders seen at this year’s Boston Underground Film Festival, which apparently included lots of vomiting.
  4. MediaBeat has notes from a discussion with Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman in which he advocates for media piracy. I don’t agree with what he says, but he has some interesting points.
  5. Time to rejoice! The Man Who Would Be Polka King is now streaming on Netflix. This hilarious true-life story is not to be missed if you have Netflix.
  6. Job Opening: The Austin Film Society is looking for a Director of Development.
  7. Penny Lane and Brian Frye continue their media tour with a four-question interview with Home & Amateur about their upcoming doc Our Nixon.
  8. The Cut + Run Tour launched a spiffy new Flash-based site.
  9. Watermelon Rinds was promoting a screening of work by Caroline Koebel and Scott Stark and has lots of great film stills.
  10. Did you know it took Lev Kalman and Whitney Horn over 3 years to produce the brilliant Blondes in the Jungle? I didn’t, but I learned it in an interview with the filmmakers on WickedChannel.com.
  11. Mike White is going on another tour to promote his awesome book Impossibly Funky. If you missed him the first time, now’s your chance.
  12. Meanwhile, the Phantom of Pulp highly recommends the book Swedish Sensationsfilms, all about Swedish exploitation cinema.
  13. Then, Phil Solomon has nice things to say about the new book Ontic Antics: The Cinema of Ken Jacobs.
  14. And, Bill Plympton’s new coffee table book Independently Animated is out now.
  15. Remember when it was “cool” to say you loved Snakes on a Plane? Clint Enns does and, boy, was he pissed off at the time! Plus, details on Walter Forsberg trying to save the massive destruction of 16mm film by the University of Manitoba.
  16. If Alessandro Cima is breathing, then he’s probably pissed about something, too. This time it’s a documentary on Brazilian art that doesn’t include any artists of color. Skin color that is.
  17. For Films in Review, Glenn Andreiev interviews Amos Poe about the No Wave filmmaking movement.
  18. For CinemaScope, Tom McCormack has a nice write up on the films of Jesse McLean.
  19. Bob Moricz makes me insanely jealous again by showing he has an actual Mark of the Devil barf bag.
  20. Film Studies for Free has links to the horror edition of the film zine Cinephile.
  21. Making Light of It has a bunch more scans of old Film Culture covers.
  22. Congrats to Jessica Oreck to winning a Cinereach grant for her current project The Vanquishing of the Witch Baba Yaga.
  23. Just learned about a very cool indie arthouse theater in Detroit this past week: The Burton Theater. If you live in the area, check out their offerings, which recently include Matt McCormick’s Some Days Are Better Than Others.
  24. Not Underground: The big indie film news of the week was Film Independent’s president, Dawn Hudson, is going to be the new CEO of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

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