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Underground Film Links: April 1, 2012

By Mike Everleth ⋅ April 1, 2012

Boston Underground Ann Arbor logos

Considering I’m completely sick of the Internet tradition of doing fake posts on April Fools Day, don’t fear: All the links below are very real.

  1. This Week’s Must Read is a group of links as it was a major weekend in the underground film scene with both the Boston Underground and Ann Arbor film festivals running concurrently, so lots of news about them. First, Under the Gun conducted an in-depth interview with two great BUFF workers — and good Underground Film Journal friends — Nicole McConvery and Bryan McKay.
  2. Then, local paper the Boston Globe had a really nice BUFF preview article, discussing many of the films screening.
  3. All Things Horror reviewed BUFF’s opening night film, Don Coscarelli’s John Dies at the End, calling it “the perfect project falling in the right creator’s hands.”
  4. The official BUFF blog had regular dispatches of its goings-on.
  5. Over at the Ann Arbor Film Festival, DINCA has a bunch of animated gif dispatches of video installations. The first group of gifs is a grab bag, but then there’s also gifs of Phil Solomon’s American Falls and Leighton Pierce’s Threshold of Peripheral Induction.
  6. Jason Hedrick wrote about Peter Rose’s retrospective at Ann Arbor.
  7. ExBerliner interviewed Nick Zedd on the occasion of a big Transgression show in Germany. Learn about why he moved to Mexico recently and how Tommy Turned screwed up taxiderming his cat.
  8. CineSource had a nice interview with underground metaphysical filmmaker Antero Alli, who’s currently busy touring the West Coast with his new film Flamingos.
  9. The Cornell Daily Sun interviewed John Waters about his career, during which he claims his films are politically correct.
  10. Filmmaker Alex Ross Perry opines the loss of one of his favorite video stores, Reel Life South in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Sounds like it was a great store!
  11. Congratulations to Noam Gonick for winning the $15k 2012 Manitoba Film Hothouse Award given by the Winnipeg Film Group. He’ll spend the dough on a new doc, Golden Boy.
  12. Always, always great to see Jack Sargeant blogging, this time about a rare online clip of legendary cult publisher Caresse Crosby.
  13. Bill Plympton was recently honored at the L.A. Animated Festival and he has the details.
  14. Peaches Christ’s blog has a photo gallery of Pam Grier attending a recent double-feature screening of Coffy and Jackie Brown.
  15. Making Light of It has a great encyclopedic entry on Phil Solomon.
  16. If you’re a filmmaker interested into breaking into the VOD market, Filmmaker Magazine has some good info.
  17. Not underground: Professor Tryon has some interesting thoughts on the “phenomenon” of 3-D being shoved down our throats.