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Underground Film Journal Presents: The Underground Film Guide

Underground Film Guide

[NOTE: We dissolved the Underground Film Guide a while back and blended that site’s contents into the Journal itself.]

So, I’ve gone and created a companion site to the Underground Film Journal: A database project called the Underground Film Guide. Right now there’s not that much on it, but I hope to build it into a comprehensive, or nearly comprehensive, listing of every underground film ever made.

Yeah, that’s a pretty tall order, ain’t it? Especially with just one guy building it and entering all the data, it sounds like a project that’s doomed to far exceed the grasp of its mission. But, I’m going to give it a try. Here’s why:

For awhile now I’ve wanted Underground Film Journal — even though it’s a blog — to act as a database of what’s going on in the underground film world. That’s why I post up full festival listings instead of just linking to them on the official fests’ websites. It’s a system that’s been working pretty good, but I tend to feel that ultimately many, if not most, of the actual films start getting lost in the nonstop flow of screenings. While the Guide’s news section on the homepage will include notes on underground film festivals, each blog “post” will be focused on only one particular filmmaker or film. So, really it’s all about the films over there.

Now, info for these movies and directors can, of course, be found all over the web. Frankly, as of right now, there’s probably not much you can find on the Guide that you can’t find on IMDB first. Also, I’m no great scholar, so I’m not looking to add any particular new insights into these works. But, I felt like there needed to be a central hub focused on this particular type of cinema, rather than finding the info mixed in or buried on other movie sites.

The Guide’s only been live for a few days now and there’s still not that much content on there yet, but I’m excited to be working on it, so I wanted to announce it sooner than later. Right now, I’m focusing on entering “the classics” alternating with more modern fare. (Although, the most “modern” films are from 1999.) Also, it didn’t seem right to start another underground film site without beginning it with Jonas Mekas, so he was my first entry.

While I’m currently happy with the site and how its going so far, I’m more excited by the potential of it. There’s a lot to grow there, so please check it out and let me know what you think.

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