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Underground Film Journal On The New Cinephilia

By Mike Everleth ⋅ May 26, 2011

The Underground Film Journal’s first entry in the Project: New Cinephilia roundtable is now online. In the piece, editor Mike Everleth ruminates on his zine background, why he writes about the underground and wonders if “cinephilia” even needs the cinema anymore.

Project: New Cinephilia is a collection of essays on modern film writing and how it’s been affected by the Internet. The essays and roundtable discussion are being curated by the Edinburgh International Film Festival, which will be held on June 15-26.

Mike is participating in the roundtable with fellow film writers Neil Young, Frances Morgan, Mathieu Ravier, Andrew Grant and Damon Smith. While you can certainly just read Mike’s first piece, it’s really a great discussion that you can follow here.